Making a difference in 2018

By Marie Faircloth - Contributing columnist
Marie Faircloth -

Greetings, readers.

Whatever the weather we will make it together in work or in play – a beautiful day. We are a blessed group of people. Think about it! When we are having pity-parties just think how the good outweighs the bad in life.

As I was thinking about what to write I thought well it’s a new day, a new season. What can we do to make 2018 better? Be positive, think of others first, count our blessings, do better on our jobs, fill our respective spot in church, and become a volunteer. All this seems quite easy; when it’s really hard at times, we have to put forth a special effort. This is not a resolution, it’s a fact. I will do better and put my priorities in order. I encourage my readers to do the same. I saw one person that started placing post-it notes in public places like restaurant bathrooms, schools, beauty shops, dressing rooms, etc. with notes like “you are beautiful”, “you can get back up”, “your weight is fine” and “did you realize someone loves you?”. There is something for all of us to do. “For God so loved the world He gave His only son!”

These were just simple notes but they made a difference in so many lives. I want to make a difference in 2018 no matter what! We are getting back in the swing of things here at the center. Come join us! Grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It’s a great place to be with friends!

A few cheap home solutions to share with you:

Vicks Vapor Rub is a stand-by staple at our house. Vicks is good for bites, sore joints, colds, croup, and soft feet. It won’t hurt you; I’ve used it for 77 years. Don’t worry about the smell if it cures what ails you!

Did you know you can unclog a drain by crumbling an Alka Seltzer in the drain, then pour a cup of vinegar over it, wait 20 minutes and flush with hot water?

To cut down on ash tray odor, fill an ash tray with uncooked oatmeal. Pest proof your trash cans by sprinkling cinnamon and black pepper. All this will irritate their sense of smell; it works!

Quick save for dried out markers: dip in a bowl of vinegar for 10 seconds. Just think of the memories we can save if we just took the time!

Here’s one more – if you were looking through photos and accidentally spilled water on them-wait! Shake off the water; stack each picture between wax paper and place in a plastic bag. Put them in the freezer and leave for 48 hours. The ice box’s compressor evaporates the liquid; just try it!

I will leave you with special thoughts: take time to see how you make a difference in 2018! It’s the little things that count. Live, Love, Laugh, create memories under the shade tree of life. Try and do one good deed for someone as you go along each day. The saying of Eloise Brewington, “If I can help someone as I go along then my living will not be in vain.”

Marie Faircloth Faircloth

By Marie Faircloth

Contributing columnist

Marie Faircloth is the director of the Garland Senior Center.

Marie Faircloth is the director of the Garland Senior Center.