Garland Center spotlights Hayes

By Marie Faircloth - Contributing columnist
Marie Faircloth -

Ms. Hayes is 73 years old and attends First Baptist Church where she is very active. Edna has seven children and more grandchildren than she can count. She loves her family. Don’t mess with her family, you might get hurt. Ms. Hayes has attended Garland Senior Center since 2006 where she wears many hats. If you didn’t know, you would think she is on the payroll because she is very helpful. For that very reason, we are spotlighting Ms. Hayes.

Edna is the most graceful dancer I have ever seen. You would think she is 15. Edna likes to say this about dancing, “Move it or you will lose it!” She is very creative and definitely a drama queen. She speaks volumes for the center. She knows all the in’s and out’s of Garland Senior Center and can run the whole place when I’m not here. There’s just a few of her many words to describe Ms. Edna Hayes. When you see her around, just say, “Hello” and Edna will be quick to say, “Thank me for what?” You just have to know Edna, man she is a dresser, too, and her hair is so beautiful. Edna comes to the center everyday unless she is sick. I take my hat off to Ms. Edna.

Senior News

What beautiful weather,we have been having; I can almost hear spring is here, but yet I believe winter is not over! The biggest snow I ever saw was in March and April. Oh well, it’s all in the hands of the Maker. He’s the maker of all things.

Great things are going on here at the Garland Senior Center. Our Black History celebrations have been so nice and educational. We reflected on so many different black leaders of the past, as well as local men and women that have made contributions to our communities. The ‘ole-timey food we had at our celebrations was so good, as we tasted liver pudding, neck bones, turkey, rice and gravy, collards, hoop cheese, crackling bread and much more. It brought back so many memories of yesteryears. If only the young folk could understand, life would be more meaningful.

Keep an eye out for the dates of our different programs going on here at the G.S.C. Plans are in the making for Older Americans Month in May. If anyone would like to donate items for this big day, please feel free. We need drinks, water and snacks, as well as big time food items. Feel free to help. It’s really an event that couldn’t take place without community effort. March is nutrition month. Let’s try to eat healthy, as well as make our food last longer. Healthy eating and getting plenty of exercise go hand in hand so let’s be healthy together.

Together we stand, divided we fall. The most important word for us all to remember is “communication”. Until next time, let’s live, love and laugh!

Marie Faircloth Faircloth

By Marie Faircloth

Contributing columnist