Manis, pedis benefit for Friends of Eden Animal Rescue

Friends of Eden Animal Shelter is once again teaming with the City of Eden’s favorite nail salon – Lily Nails — for their second Nails for Tails fundraising event. Nails for Tails will be held on Sunday, April 8, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Proceeds from this event will help Friends in their mission of animal rescue right here in our own backyard.

Friends of Eden Animal Rescue takes unwanted, abandoned, abused, and stray dogs and cats and attempts to find homes for them. The organization was created by and is run by a small, but mighty team of volunteers who take the animals into their rescue facility, place them in foster care or into their personal homes and care for them — until a suitable, permanent, loving families and home can be found.

Unlike the county animal shelter, which is staffed and funded by local governments, Friends of Eden Animal Rescue is funded by donations, through fund raising events such as Nails for Tails and adoption fees. Adoption fees are less than half the cost of the significant expense involved in rescue, which can include traveling to pick up an animal in need, providing veterinary care, vaccinations, food, spaying and neutering, training, and more.

Funds of any amount will aide rescue efforts in the City of Eden and surrounding Rockingham County communities. In addition to raising funds for basic care, Friends is raising funds to expand their rescue center, which is small, with space for approximately seven dogs and two quarantine areas. The organization needs the ability to house more dogs, space to groom them, as well as a quiet, dedicated location for potential adopters to meet/greet the dogs.