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By Marie Faircloth - Under the Shade Tree
Marie Faircloth -

Featured Participant: Ms. Clara Robinson

Hello readers! There is so much excitement here at the Garland Senior Center about all of our upcoming events! We will be celebrating Ms. Fannie Johnson’s 99th birthday on Wednesday, April 25. She has been coming to our center for many years and we think of her as one of our beloved treasures. We are so lucky to have Ms. Fannie Johnson with us and hope we can celebrate many more birthdays with her.

This coming Thursday, April 26 we will be having two special guest speakers at 9:45 a.m. They will be giving a wonderful presentation on keeping a positive outlook and high self-esteem. This will be a great topic for discussion and reflection. Everybody gets a little down from time to time and it’s always great to realize we are never alone in any struggles we face.

May 24 we will be having a huge celebration for Older American’s Day. We depend on donations through sponsors for this and all events we host. If you can give a little it would mean so much. The event will kick off at 9 a.m. and will continue throughout the day. There will be free food and live entertainment to enjoy along with many health fairs and other information booths. We guarantee it will be a great celebration that is worthy of your attendance. Come out and enjoy a day of food, friendship and fellowship with us here at the Garland Senior Center. We are looking forward to seeing you all then!

This week we are showcasing Ms. Clara Robinson, one of our participants here at the Garland Senior Center. Ms. Clara has been coming to our Garland Senior Center for about five years and she says she enjoys it very much. Ms. Robinson was born and raised in Garland, North Carolina where she has three children she’s very proud of and many grandchildren that she dotes upon. Ms. Clara attends St. Stephen’s Church where she enjoys services and fellowship with her friends and family. When asked what her favorite part of the Garland Senior Center is, Ms. Clara responded with a sweet smile saying,“My favorite part of the center is being among all of God’s children.”

Live, laugh and love. We all face battles but we are never along. Praise God!

Marie Faircloth
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By Marie Faircloth

Under the Shade Tree