Dementia: Notes to remember

By Lesia R. Henderson - Dementia, Notes to Remember

My husband and I recently went on vacation. We had everything planned, what we were going to wear, what time we were going to leave, who was going to house sit, how many pairs of shoes to take, how much cash to carry, what to keep in the refrigerator and what to throw out. You get the picture? We knew where we were going, we knew what to expect and we knew what day we were going to leave and we knew what day we were coming home. Did everything go as anticipated? No, but we had a plan. Were we flexible? Why yes, of course we were, but the important point is we had a plan. I must say we had a wonderful vacation, we laughed, we argued, we talked, we ate delicious food, we relaxed and we enjoyed the sunshine!

Life causes us to plan continuous, we plan so many things in life, not just vacations. We plan birthday parties, Thanksgiving Dinner, graduation parties, church functions, retirement, our finances, and weddings, etc. It may sound morbid, but have you thought about when death comes how do you want to die? Do you have a plan for death? I recently attended a workshop about Advance Directives, we viewed a documentary named, “Considering the Conversation.” In this documentary, a question was ask to random people on the streets.

Each person gave a different answer to the question “How do you want to die”? Some of the responses were, “I want to die at home with my family” another “I want to be surrounded by my family and I want singing and laughter” another “I want my family there and I want it to be quiet, with lots of sunlight” another “I want to die in the arms of my lover” another “I want my grandchildren to get in the bed with me and share memories” another “I do not want to talk about this”. It was certainly a tearful workshop, but it made me consider how I want to die, what are my wishes what is my plan?”

This conversation may be a difficult one, but one you need to consider. We will all face death at some point of time. Why not have it the way you want it. Make your wishes known. Sampson County Department of Aging is in the process of developing a “Sampson County PEACE”, what does PEACE stand for? Partnership for Education Access and Choice at End-of-Life. We are planning to host an Advance Directives and End-of-Life clinic for June. You will not want to miss this clinic, we will have documents in place and a notary. So stay in touch. Hope you have a “Best Day Ever”.
Do you have a plan for the future?

By Lesia R. Henderson

Dementia, Notes to Remember

Lesia Henderson is the aging specialist with the Sampson County Department of Aging.

Lesia Henderson is the aging specialist with the Sampson County Department of Aging.