Celebrating you!


Sept. 15

Patricia Adkins

Lonnie Blackburn

Danny Champion

Jacqueline Cromartie

Melinda Sellers

Nathan Willis

Sept. 16

Phillip Andrews

Lily Bowden

Patricia Cooper

Marcus Ellis

Henry Faison

Margaret Morrisey

Johnnie Witherspoon

Sept. 17

Brenda Harrington

Faye Kelly

Kenneth “Boot” Vann

Sept. 18

Brittany Blackburn

Mildred Fowler

Sharon Jernigan

Charlotte Jones

Jo Anne Morrisey

Beverly Mott

Melba Selby

Leamon Thompson

Carl Troublefield Jr.

Alice Wells

Sept. 19

Esther Bass

Delphine Carr

Amy Gainey

Shelby Greene

Janie Hall

KeShona Hargrove

Aaron Matthis

Elizabeth Rackley

Alexis Rodriquez

James Sessoms

Annie Wade

Edna Willis

Sept. 20

Webb Brown

Anna Cooper

Tiffany Herring

William Rudd

Johnnie Sampson

Monica Smith

Lillian Thornton

Joseph Whaley

Odell Whitaker

Sept. 21

Tim Bass

Joseph Colin Madgar

Sadie McKoy

Aleasha McPhail

Peggy Melvin

Eboni Stewart


Sept. 15

Jimmy and Susie Thornton

Sept. 16

W. M. (Will) and Tara Bowden

James and LaRue Hall

Sept. 17

Danny and Karen Creech

Ed and Wilma Hendrikson

Jeff and Anita Royal

Sept. 18

Eric and Sharon Spell

Sept. 20

Tom and Pat Hill