Star offers ‘Security’

Brandon Moore checks a security panel that was installed by Star Security.

Justin Wrench looks over a camera that was installed through Star Security.

Star Communications has been in the homes and businesses of many Sampson County for the last 50 years installing wiring and telephones. In an effort to provide their customers with the latest technology possible, Star Security is being offered.

According to Eric Tew, security manager, Star Security is a unique offering that helps consumers across eastern North Carolina by providing security systems, home automation, business access control, personal safety and camera surveillance. This new venture is allowing Star to go “beyond the alarm” and provide advanced technology in homes and businesses.

“Star Security is a new service offered by Star Communications,” Tew stated. “For over 50 years, we have been in homes and businesses installing wiring and telephones. In recent times, people have requested Star install camera systems, home security and automation. Due to numerous customer requests, we finally entered this business”

The first of these systems, Tew stated, was installed in March, after several months of planning. With thew new technology being offered by Star, customers can get anything from a basic alarm system, home automation, a medical alert system or a camera surveillance system.

“We offer the same services that the national security companies offer, but at cheaper prices,” Tew said. “One of our goals is to be a one solution provider to our customers”

According to Tew, having a home or business alarm system is very beneficial. It protects your personal belongings, family members and most of all it gives you piece of mind.

“Home security systems are really about people, not houses,” Tew stated. “Homeowners and renters don’t install alarm systems to protect walls, ceilings and doors. They buy it to protect their lives, loved ones, and belongings.”

For many years, Tew added, Star was known as “the telephone company.” Now, the communications consultant said, the company is so much more than that today.

Star, according to Kyle Randleman, VP of Sales and Business Operations, offers customizable wireless alarm systems with interactive monitoring and smartphone applications.

“Star is involved in so many cutting-edge technologies,” Randleman said. “People are not aware their hometown telephone cooperative has transitioned into a 21st century communications corporation that offers innovative technology in all sectors of business. From Radio Frequency Identification badge technology to the most robust business surveillance infrared camera systems, we are pushing the limits of technology.”

Star’s goal, according to Tew, is to continue to offer the most technologically advanced products as possible.

“With our wide array of services that we offer, Star Communications is a leader in the industry when it comes to technology, innovation, and assisting eastern North Carolina with all their technological needs,” Tew shared. “Star has been serving this community for over 50 years and we look forward to the next 50 years”

For more information on Star Security and how we can help you, please call 910-564-5000.

Star Communications, the area’s leading communications company was started in 1959 as Star Telephone Membership Corporation. It provides voice, video, Internet, wireless, security, automation, and surveillance services across southeastern North Carolina. For more information, call 1-800-706-6538, or visit