MCA students honored for academics

Students at Mintz Christian Academy were recently honored for their academic achievements.

Mintz Christian Academy held an awards ceremony and honored students for their achievements during the 2015-2016 school year. Honored were:

Woodmen of the World History Award – Caroline Matthews (8th grade);

Terrific Kid Awards – Hailey Davis (5th grade), Ciera Ellis (3rd grade), John Robert Rosario (1st grade);

Class Academic Awards — Hollin Autry (Reading), Jerryanna Butler (Spelling), Aubrey Herring (Math), Mackenzie Small (Reading), Mallory Edwards (Spelling) and Noah Carter (Math);

Principal’s List for Semester 2 (All A’s) — Dakota Warren (3rd), Gabby Walters (3rd), Ciera Ellis (3rd), Caroline Matthews (8th), Daniel Matthews (6th), Katelyn Fann (6th), Emma White (7th);

Teacher’s Honor Roll (A Average on Semester 2 grades) — Meredith Tatum (4th), Leah Wheeler (4th), Hunter Jackson (4th), Brady Smith (3rd), Brantley Butler (3rd), Britney Christianson (4th), Madison Hall (4th), Caroline Bailey (5th), Nate Small (5th), Colman House (6th), Sarah Beth White (6th), Faith McLamb (8th), Christopher Matthews (11th), Savannah Fann (10th);

Teacher’s Honor Roll (B Average in Second Semester) — Reece Bailey (4th), Kassidy Rushing (4th), Jake White (4th), John Wanner (4th), Matthew Davis (4th), Hailey Davis (4th), JeriAnne Rushing (5th), Elizabeth Lee (8th), Justin Lucas (7th), Ryan Carter (10th), Katelynn Owens (7th), Charlotte Smith (10th), Kyndall Owens (7th), Jacob Shirley (7th), Evan Plant (7th), Erynn Sessoms (9th), Courtney Barber (8th), Caroline Chestnutt (8th), Meredith Royal (6th), Samantha Marshburn (10th);

IXL Award: Student who masters/is proficient in the most objectives in his or her grade level in math using Awarded to Dakota Warren in 3rd grade;

Duke Tip Awards: Students in grades 4-7 who scored 95 or higher on their standardized testing results — Britney Christianson (4th), Meredith Tatum (4th), Caroline Bailey (5th), Daniel Matthews (6th), Sarah Beth White (6th), Justin Lucas (7th), Nate Small (5th), Jacob Shirley (7th), Katelyn Fann (6th), Emma White (7th), Colman House (6th);

Philippians Award: Students who think of others more than themselves — Aubrey Herring (1st), Josilyn Edge (2nd), Matthew Davis (5th), Madison Hawkins (11th), Jaris Smith (7th)

Faithfulness Award: Students who work hard in all that they do — Dakota Warren (3rd), Kate Wanner (1st), Meredith Tatum (4th), Charlotte Smith (10th), Katelyn Fann (6th)

Galatians Award: Students who show the fruit of the Spirit — Henry Bass (1st), Joey Jernigan (2nd), Caroline Bailey (5th), Courtney Barber (8th), Savannah Fann (10th), Cody Kamp (11th), Christopher Matthews (11th), Hannah Horne (9th), Madison Hall (5th), Leah Wheeler (4th), Gabby Walters (3rd), Abby Walters (1st), Nathan Neal (1st), Kate Wanner (1st), Aubrey Herring (1st)