Town board talks nuisance signs

Newton Grove board member Laura Wheeler examines town documents. She would like to see signage issues improved in town.

NEWTON GROVE — Commissioner Laura Wheeler would like to improve how signs are displayed throughout town.

During a recent meeting, she brought up the issue, which involved yard sign sales and other displays with Mayor Barbara Burch, Police Chief Frankie Harrell and other commissioners.

Wheeler said there were two bright signs on yield signs for a few days around the circle. She alluded to how it could be a nuisance.

While discussing beautification matters regarding the circle, she said some signage can be confusing for motorists who are not from the area. She mentioned one area church, who displayed a neon sign to advertise an event. Wheeler made it known that she was not against the functions, but stressed she wanted to have a better way of doing things.

“But I think one of the reasons everybody puts their signs out is because they see these other signs out,” Wheeler said about the issue.

Burch said they all should contribute to removing inappropriate and illegal signs with local law enforcement.

“We do everything that we possibly can,” Harrell said. “We get those signs up as often as possible. Soon as we see them, we get them.”

Harrell said one of the ways to stop it is to have restrictions, but some felt some will violate it anyway. Wheeler suggested to have discussions about the best places to have signs or a particular point to place community events and activities.

“We talked about that numerous times, but I would really like to have some input there,” Wheeler said.

Burch said Newton Grove’s beautification committee should come up with a place for signage.

“My suggestion would be to have to signs, except for what we have as a community offered,” Harrell said. “The only other signs that will be allowed will be on your own property. Other than that, don’t put any sings on the sides of our streets.”

One idea was to have information on a kiosk on the old volunteer fire department building. After asking about the streets, Lew Starling, attorney for the board, stated that it may against the law to put signs on streets operated by the state. It was also mentioned that the circle was also a state street.

Burch suggested to discuss the matter during a future meeting.