Students experience Chinese culture

By: By Kristy D. Carter -

A group of students at L.C. Kerr School recently took a trip to China while sitting in the comfort of their classroom.

Students in Jenna King’s kindergarten class were visited by Sheng Lele “Aubrey”, a student from JinLin HuaQiao University of Foreign Languages in JinLin Province, China. Aubrey is visiting the United States and staying with the Embler family for 10 days.

During Aubrey’s visit to the kindergarten class on Sept. 22, he taught the kids how to use chopsticks and say basic phrases in Chinese, such as eat. He also showed them how to write color words with Chinese characters and how to pronounce them.

Anna Embler, the daughter of the Emblers, is a student in King’s class and invited the visitor to the school.

Aubrey is from Anhui Province, China. He is studying English and Japanese in hopes of finding a job involving foreign trade. According to King, Aubrey came to Corolla through a summer, work-exchange program with Dare County.

The trip to the coast of North Carolina was a wonderful opportunity to improve his English language skills. After Aubrey finished his program, he hoped to spend some time to find out what “real life” in America looked like. This is where the Embler’s came into the picture.

A friend of the Emblers pastors the church Aubrey attended in Corolla, so he contacted Chris Embler to see if he could help with Aubrey’s placement.

“Our entire family was excited about the opportunity to serve Aubrey and to learn about China,” Rachel Embler said. “We are all sad to see Aubrey return to China Oct. 1, but he has one more year of study at his university. We’ve learned some Chinese phrases, eaten an authentic Chinese meal, and practiced using chopsticks. Now we are looking forward to the next time God will allow our paths to cross.”

Students in King’s class are Armani Blue, Savannah Bradshaw, Jeremiah Cook, Anna Embler, Vaiden Faircloth, Aaden Faison, La’Ashia Hobbs, Ayleen Huerta, Aaliyiah Jones, Johnny Marquez Alvarenga, Ja’Kyah Murphy, Marcus Nere, Leah Olivera, Jessica Perez, Darryl Pugh, Jeremiah Rich, Bryson Simmons and Zakiyah Wilson.

Students in Jenna King’s kindergarten class at L.C. Kerr School were visited by Sheng Lele of China. in Jenna King’s kindergarten class at L.C. Kerr School were visited by Sheng Lele of China.

By Kristy D. Carter