Early College student ready for Governor’s School


Through art, Leah Moore expresses herself by letting the world see her vision in paintings and drawings. In a couple of months, she will join other young artists who share the same passion she has.

Moore, a junior at the Sampson Early College High School (SECHS), was recently selected to attend Governor’s School to study visual art during the summer. The program is a statewide residential program for academically or intellectually gifted high school students.

“I was so excited,” she said during a recent interview. “This is the most excited I’ve been in a long time. This is a wonderful opportunity.”

For five and half weeks, Leah will join other students across the state for Governor’s School East on the campus of Meredith College in Raleigh. The program is administered by the Public Schools of North Carolina, the State Board of Education, and the Department of Public Instruction through the Exceptional Children’s Division.

Moore said she is looking forward to attending the school and learning more.

“That’s really exciting for me becuase I love hearing everyone’s viewpoints,” she pointed out. “I like learning new things constantly. Even during the summer, I’ll get a bunch of art books and I start learning new techniques.”

Along with an interview, Leah was required to submit an application and produce a portfolio of her work. One piece was a pencil drawing of a character from “The Importance of Being Earnest,” by Oscar Wilde.

“I love classic literature and I love being able to bring the characters to life by how I see them,” she stressed.

The Dunn resident also submitted landscape art of White Lake and another piece which required her to show deep thinking. Leah accomplished that by making a colored pencil drawing of a girl with no face, but underneath there was three masks.

“There was a sad face, a happy face and a normal one,” she said, describing her work. “It kind of shows that throughout life we have different masks and if we wear it long enough, we lose our face.”

Drawing and painting are her favorite types of visual arts. It’s something she would like to continue studying after she graduates from SECHS. She plans to attend Parsons, a design school in New York to study illustration, painting and computer animation. Leah would also like to become a tattoo artist as well.Currently she’s helping one of her friends illustrate a comic book.

“That’s been really fun,” Leah said.

Art was an outlet during her middle and early high school years when she was ill.

“I love the freedom of it,” Leah said about art. “Anybody can do it. It just expressing what you’re thinking and how you’re felling.”