Thoughts on immigrants driving?

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I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week!

The Senate is finalizing its budget this week and is hoping to release it next week. The 2015 Farm Act was heard in the House Agriculture committee yesterday where it passed with a few minor changes. It will now go to the House Finance Committee before being considered on the House floor.

Question of the Week

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who took the time to write back to last week’s question about dash cameras for the State Highway Patrol. Every person who responded thought that our troopers should have some type of camera, with a few of you wanting those cameras to be mounted on the Trooper, rather than in the car. Cameras can serve as a valuable tool to protect Troopers from false accusations and to ensure that Troopers are held accountable for their actions.

This week, I would like to get your opinion on an issue the House is taking up right now. A bill in the House would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driving permits, if they have insurance and pass a criminal background check. Would you support offering driving permits to undocumented immigrants under those conditions?

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you in any way possible.