CCS honors employees with awards

Retirees honored for Clinton City Schools.

Employees with perfect attendance.

Custodian honored for Clinton City Schools.

Employees of Clinton City Schools were recently honored for perfect attendance during the school year, as well as other awards.

Perfect attenance

Mary Dudley, L.C. Kerr; Sarah Hines and Angela Mercer, Butler Avenue; Sarah Beth Holland and Julie Pope, Sunset Avenue; Patricia Lane, Sheila Owens and Karessa Raynor, Sampson Middle School; and Samantha Duke, Sharon Moore and Deborah Owens, Clinton High.

Bus Drivers who were honored were: Mary Bennett, Andrea Faison, Geraldine Preddy and Adrienna Raynor.

Custodians honored were: Derek Faison, Maxcine Sampson, Gonzia Stevens, Linwood Boykin, Anthony Coley, Sabrina Thomas, Jeffrey Draughon, James Faison, Terrie Packer, James Stevens, Jacqueline Wilcox, Patricia Daughtry, Kevin Kirby, Avis Stevens, James Weber and Connie Whitted.

Retirees honor, with years of service, were: Shannon Cash Benton, 30; Jan Butler, 30; Mary Jo Carr, 22; Carolyn Cashwell, 20; Nancy Dillman, 36; Ann Edwards, 32; Helen Gallman, 25; Pamela Gibson, 29; Vance Herring, 21; Jackie Kelly-Burney, 27; Hope Kirby, 20; Lillie Lamb, 25; Annette Newton, 12; Glenn Newton, 29; Sharon H. Ola Pearsall, 33; Patsy Rouse, 23; Renee Tew, 31; and Janice Wilson, 20.