Students take home books

Students have a chance to take home books from L.C. Kerr School as part of the Give 5 Take 5 Campaign.

The GIVE 5 READ 5 Campaign for Clinton City Schools was a success according to Faith Jackson, who does public relations for the system.

“We were able to collect 1,306 books to give to students,” she said.

The books were laid out on tables and teachers were asked to select students, based on need for reading materials during the summer, to go “shopping” for books in the old art room at L.C. Kerr. Student were excited and thrilled to get to pick out books that they were going to be allowed to take home with them and keep for their very own.

The students picked out books that they thought looked interesting. Students also took the time to explain to Dr. Stuart Blount what some of the books were about, that they had previously read. When the children saw all the books on the tables they were overwhelmed with awe.

Ms. Pamela DeSpain and Mrs. Jan Smith helped in facilitating groups of children to come “shop” for books. Books that were not age and or ability appropriate were taken to Butler Avenue and Sunset Avenue School to be distributed to students that would benefit by the librarians: Mrs. Michelle Gainey at Butler Avenue and Mrs. Alison Ray at Sunset Avenue.

Clinton City Schools’ Mission is to educate all students to their highest level of academic performance and to prepare them to become productive members of society. The more students read, and experience the more they will learn and be productive members of society.