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Student intern Malana Bryant takes photos at the town hall meeting held by Clinton City Schools. -
Bryant -

Fall 2016 has served as a time of learning new skills for many students. Some students learn best in the classroom, and others learn by doing task. Internships allow students to learn task by doing, and to explore the field at a greater depth.

The Career Technology Education (CTE) Department of Clinton City Schools begins early in middle school honing into students’ interest and future career goals. Students in upper middle school pick a path to work towards as they transition into their high school career.

Toward the end of their pathway in the CTE program, they participate in a learning internship with someone in a workplace that are in a similar career that the student is interested. Students have been interns at Schindler, Prestage, Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce, Sampson Regional Medical Center and now Clinton City School Central Office.

Malana Bryant, is the daughter of Larry and Tammie Bryant, and the sibling of Shiloh and Elijah Bryant. She is 17, and a senior at Clinton High School. Bryant has been working with Faith Jackson, Community Liaison and Grant Writer for Clinton City School’s fall 2016 semester.

“Malana has brought a dynamic artistic approach to the products produced for Clinton City Schools,” Jackson said.

Kristy Moore, CTE Director, works to match students with the appropriate internship for the best enrichment opportunities. Bryant shared with Moore that she wanted to work in graphics and design, as well as photography and promotion. Moore and Jackson knew a great opportunity.

“As a senior at Clinton High Schools I was offered to work at as an intern that worked towards building skills as a future graphic designer,” Bryant said. “My first experience in photography with Mrs. Jackson was at the 2016 Clinton High School Graduation. While at graduation, I helped with picture taking and live tweeting the momentous occasion. The briefing after the graduation I was taught about various angles, and how to capture the best lighting. The next event that I was taught how to get different angles to make pictures look better was at the CCS Opening day and teacher digital learning summit presentation. With Mrs. Jackson I have many opportunities to build my skills in photography.”

Among many things, Bryant has created ads, district wide newsletters, and flyers. She has been willing to do whatever was requested of her. She also conducted website reviews to monitor for current information and appeal, assisted in preparing for events, attended Board of Education meetings, as well as district wide activities.

“I learned how not to be so shy while taking pictures,” Bryant said. “I learned how to control my surrounding. I also have learned that if I needed something to be done, I had to get it done. For example, getting a lot of people in the same picture in a small area was difficult in the beginning, because I was too shy to voice what I needed to be done. So the next time I kindly asked taller people to move to the back while shorter people came to the front or kneel down. Just in a little bit of time I felt like I was getting pretty good. I don’t think I be able to do this without Mrs. Jackson guidance and also giving me great advice.”

Student intern Malana Bryant takes photos at the town hall meeting held by Clinton City Schools. intern Malana Bryant takes photos at the town hall meeting held by Clinton City Schools.


From CCS Reports