CCS launches YouTube channel

Faith Jackson, community liaison and grant writer for Clinton City Schools, works on the district’s YouTube channel.

Through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, Clinton City School is highlighting the achievements of students and educators in various ways.

Now, Faith Jackson, community liaison and grant writer, is hoping to show it through videos. The district recently launched a YouTube Channel, to add to the mix. For Clinton City Schools, Jackson said it’s another way to share what’s going on in the district.

“We’re trying to touch on every aspect so we can reach more people,” Jackson said.

So far, some teachers have sent videos of what’s occurring in their classrooms. Since its implementation, Jackson recorded several events such as talent shows and field day events. Some of the videos include graduation clips and band concerts.

“It’s various things that occurred during the school year,” Jackson said, “hopefully when the school year starts back, teachers will start sending me videos of what’s going in their classrooms.”

Eventually, Jackson mentioned the possibility of having teachers post instructional information for student access.

“It hasn’t gotten to that point yet,” Jackson said about the channel. “Right now, it’s just things that are happening and videos that were taken to feature and display our students’ talents.”

Currently, the district’s channel has more than 60 videos and Jackson hopes to put up a lot more. The district’s channel has received more than 400 views. It can be accessed by visiting and typing “Clinton City Schools” in the search bar. Submissions from the public are welcomed, but Jackson said they would have to be related to students, teachers or schools.

The new YouTube channel is another goal to increase the district’s presence online. Since February, the district has worked to make sure outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are more active. Twitter followers received updates during the recent commencement ceremony and other award events by using hashtags.

“We’re using YouTube for the videos and we’re using Facebook pretty much like a photo album,” Jackson said referring to different examples such as the Blazing Stars Academy. “Being that we’re a school in a school system, we’re definitely having to monitor what we put on there.”

Jackson indicated how media outlets are another way to reach members of the community.

“We’re just trying to offer different ways to get the same information to people,” she said.

In addition to academics, Jackson said YouTube and other social media outlets allows the district to showcase fine arts.

“Our bands and our art departments are wonderful at all of our schools,” she said. “We’re just not academically educating our students, we are doing our best to make them well rounded individuals and productive when they graduate from Clinton High School.”

The district is currently monitoring the analytics of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — which are the only social media outlets used by the district. Some students have suggested Instagram, among others. But anything else may come latter down the road.

“I’m thinking that we need to prove ourselves that we can handle these first and do it effectively,” she said.

In the fall, Jackson and other district employees will take on another endeavor with a website revamp. In the summer, Clinton City Schools will switch over using Google District. Jackson said it will allow students and teachers to share information on projects, documents and receive feedback faster.

“That’s going to be a great benefit to be able to work anywhere,” she said while mentioning Google Drive, an online storage system.

For the public, Jackson hopes it’s more user friendly and applicable for information people would like to see. The address,, is expected to remain the same.