Inmate charged for bringing drugs into detention center


A Sampson County inmate was caught with 20.9 grams of marijuana inside the local detention center.

Lamond Q. Bennett, 36, of Clinton, was charged Monday with possession of a controlled substance in a detention center.

Sampson County Sheriff’s Lt. Marcus Smith reported that officers were conducting a search and Bennett made an attempt to dispose of the marijuana contraband. Officers were able to take possession of the substance before it was destroyed. The incident resulted in Bennett being charged with possession of a controlled substance inside a detention facility.

For the Sampson County Detention Center, Smith said it’s a rare occurrence.

“Anytime you have inmates confined, you’re always going to have contraband issues,” Smith said. “That’s why it’s important that officers be trained in what to look for and to remain proactive in eradicating it from facilities. These officers did a great job in doing just that.”

Smith said there are numerous ways contraband can enter a facility. A couple of reasons may include concealment by the inmate or by human error.

“As for how this contraband entered the facility, that is unknown as this time,” Smith said.

If a crime is reported inside a facility, an inmate is brought back before a magistrate, charged with the associated crime and then given a bond for the new charges by the magistrate. Bennett’s bond was set at $40,000. The trial date is scheduled for June 27.