Poetry night to be hosted in Roseboro

Ayinde Simpson, also known by his stage name of A.P.E., is scheduled to perform Saturday night in downtown Roseboro.

Valawaugn McCain is looking forward to bringing poetry and spoken word to life in Roseboro.

Valawaugn Unique Creations is presenting Spoken Word “Poetry with a Twist” in downtown Roseboro. Scheduled for 7:30 to 10 p.m. Saturday, June 27, the open mic event is being hosted by the Railroad Street Steak House, 102 SW Railroad St., Roseboro.

“I wanted to bring something different to the Roseboro community because this is where I grew up,” McCain said. “That’s why I wanted to bring poetry to Roseboro.”

She hopes that the poetry night provides an outlet for younger people, who are 20 and older. McCain says she has attended several poetry slams and other related events and it’s something she wants Roseboro to experience as well.

“Hopefully, if I can get enough participation, it can be an ongoing event maybe once a month or every other month,” McCain said.

Along with poetry, McCain said guests are welcomed to sing, rap or play an instrument.

“Whatever your talent is, you can come and present it for that amount of time,” she said.

Ayinde “A.P.E.” Simpson is the featured poet for the program. The poet, from Fayetteville, said he’s very honored to perform at what’s being called the first spoken word event in Roseboro.

“I fell in love with poetry back in high school,” said Simpson, who goes by his stage name of A.P.E.”Writing has gotten me through some of my highs and lows in life.”

Simpson said poetry was also a powerful tool to express himself and grow as an individual.

“So I hope that folks will come out and enjoy the experience of me sharing my thoughts through spoken word.”

Originally from Georgia, A.P.E. has been involved with poetry since 1996 and received his start at Java Monkey. He now resides in Fayetteville and is a member of the Marquis Slam Team.

Like Simpson, poetry is also in McCain’s heart, although she admits to being a closet poet. Through poetry, McCain was able to overcome a difficult period in her life.

“I had just recently got a divorce and it was an outlet for me,” Simpson said. “I fell in love with it.”

During the event, she plans to perform one or two poems herself.

“You can’t be a host if you don’t do one yourself,” she said.

The open mic event is free for the public, but donations will be taken to host similar events. McCain hopes people will enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant and enjoy what they have to offer as well. Sponsors are also being welcomed.

“The Railroad Street Steakhouse has really supported me in this,” McCain said. “So I have to give a shout-out and kudos to them for allowing me to have it in Roseboro there.”

For more information, contact Valawaugn at 910-214-0648.