Gore serving Tim’s Gift as a guiding light

Pictured, from left, are Bobby Spell, Sam Gore, Becky Spell-Vann and Cameron Spell. All serve Tim’s Gift, a non-profit organization helping assist with medical and spiritual needs.

Tim’s Gift has been lifting hearts with spiritual and financial support for nearly 10 years now and Sam Gore wants to help the organization continue in its spiritual journey.

Gore has been named as the new director for the not-for-profit corporation.

Established in 2007, after the passing of Tim Spell, Tim’s Gift started from a love offering given at the request of Spell. That love offering has grown into allowing the organization to meet the temporary medical needs for hospice and cancer patients by delivering various medical items.

As the new director, Gore will be directing the movement of the organization to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

“My job is to create more awareness of what we do,” Gore said. “I want people to know our cause.”

According to the organization’s website, Tim’s Gift, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation registered in North Carolina that consists of a board of directors that include local businessmen and women, including those with expertise in areas needed to further the vision and mission of Tim’s Gift.

Funded through private donations and grants, many of the donations come in the form of finances, and as medical equipment and other relative products or services. All donations are used in ways that promote and support the vision of Tim’s Gift, something Gore hopes to promote.

“I want to promote the cause behind Tim’s Gift and not just Tim’s Gift itself,” Gore said.

According to Gore, Tim’s Gift brings help and hope to people with cancer or who are hospice patients by providing assistance with medical supplies and medical expenses.

Tim’s Gift does have an application process to determine each need and equipment availability and makes an effort to stock disposable medical items and non-disposable medical items to help qualifying patients.

Overseeing this assistance will be Gore’s primary job. The new director says he will make connections between those who are in need of medical items and those who have something to give.

“We want to be a local footprint,” Gore stated. “What we do goes directly to assist those in need.”

Tim’s Gift doesn’t just provide assistance for medical supplies, Gore said they also offer emotional and spiritual support. During the various seasons of the year, the organization provides non-medical items such as fruit, vegetables, flowers to clients as those items are donated or available.

There is also a prayer team that gathers on Tuesday mornings that is available for the spiritual support of the patient and their family.

“It’s such a blessing, what we do here,” Gore stated. “We help provide hope so people know someone really cares.”

Gore has served the community has a pastor for 32 years and says this new endeavor in his life will be an opportunity for him to continue ministering.