Cataract surgery proves to be successful

As we grow older our eyes change. The most common change is a clouding of the natural lens of the eye known as cataracts.

Cataracts can cause multiple problems with your vision. Fading colors, reduced vision, glare, making it difficult to drive at night or go into the sunlight during the day are all common complications. Over time these symptoms grow worse. In some cases cataracts can cause visual problems in a short time frame. In others, cataracts grow cloudy much more slowly and take away your visual acuity over such a length of time that patients do not really notice it.

We have had patients who, after having their cataracts removed and an artificial lens implanted were amazed at how much they had been missing. Colors were now brighter and visual acuity returned. Life becomes much more enjoyable!

The only solution for cataracts is to have the cloudy lens removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

Fortunately, capable cataract surgeons have a very high success rate in restoring patient’s vision with cataract surgery and lens replacement.

As primary eye care doctors, we optometrists have a responsibility to see to it that we get our patients to the best possible eye surgeon, so as to obtain the best possible results.

There are two main criteria we use to determine what we believe is the best eye surgeon for our patients.

First, the experience level of the eye surgeon. Someone who has performed thousands of successful cataract surgeries with implants is essential.

Second, the technology the cataract surgeon has available for use. Over the past half a dozen years technology has become much more advanced, giving patients the best opportunity for outstanding visual results, and a return to a brighter and more enjoyable life with excellent visual acuity.

We invited Dr. Michael Woodcock to come to our Clinton office because Dr. Woodcock is the most experienced cataract surgeon in North Carolina and uses the very latest, most advanced, surgical technology.

Dr. Woodcock has performed over 30,000 successful cataract surgeries with implants. He is the most experienced surgeon in the Carolinas in using the new bladeless surgery, which utilizes laser technology instead of a hand-held blade.

Dr. Woodcock also uses technology to put the best lens implants possible in patients for the best results. Dr. Woodcock uses technology during the surgery to determine and refine the type of implant used for the results most needed for the cataract patient.

Bringing Dr. Woodcock to our community and to our office has enhanced the quality of eye care in our area, which is what we believe is our responsibility to people who entrust their visual needs to us.

Having seen many patients who have had their cataract with lens implant surgery performed by Dr. Woodcock, we believe we have the best eye care team available for Sampson County and the surrounding area.

It is rewarding to see patients here in our community receiving the best care possible with our team of professionals working together to make life brighter and more clear.