Inmate caught with drugs


For the second time in one week, local deputies caught an inmate with a banned substance inside the Sampson County Detention Center.

Keith T. Graham, 33, of Clinton, was charged Thursday with bringing a controlled substance in the detention center, when he was discovered with one gram of marijuana. It follows a Monday incident when Lamond Q. Bennett, 36, of Clinton, was charged with the same felony when he brought 20.9 grams of marijuana inside the facility.

Sampson County Sheriff’s Lt. Marcus Smith reported that the contraband was located during a random search of the facility and the inmates.

“The contraband could have very well been contraband that was from the same incident that was involving inmate Bennett, though that cannot be proven,” Smith said.

Previously, Smith said it’s a rare occurrence for the Sampson County Detention Center. But anytime inmates are confined, Smith mentioned how contraband issues will occur. Therefore, it’s important for deputies and officers to be trained in what to look for and remain proactive in destroying contraband in facilities, he said.

“These officers did a great job in doing just that,” Smith said after the first incident.

The public never gains access to the inside of the detention center, therefore the public cannot bring in contraband.

“Even during visitation, the public never has access to the inmates, all visitation is conducted via video,” Smith said. “Contraband as stated before can be missed by human error during the search process as inmates are booked into the facility. Sometimes the inmate can have contraband concealed on their bodies in cavities that cannot be searched.”

When a crime is reported inside a facility, an inmate is brought back before the magistrate, charged with the associated crime and later receives a new bond for the charges. Graham’s bond was set at $5,000. The trial date is scheduled for July 8.