Roseboro adopts 2015-2016 budget

Roseboro town clerk Tony Blalock presents budge information to board members during a meeting in June.

ROSEBORO — The budget for the fiscal year 2015-2016 has been adopted without any type of tax increase or water and sewer fee increase, despite talk of doing so in an earlier meeting.

The total approved budget for Roseboro was approved at just over $1.7 million.

“It (the budget) is balanced for all six funds and establishes the basic financial framework from which to provide the necessary services for the citizens of Roseboro,” town clerk Tony Blalock stated in his budget message to the board.

According to Blalock, the town’s general fund will increase by $9,219 or less than 1 percent at $1,151,894. The costs for the zoning officer will increase by $2,049 or 12.8 percent.

“Additionally, we have budgeted for more contracted services in the general fund as we strive to be more efficient with employee time and responsibilities,” Blalock stated in his message to commissioners.

In the budget, the board approved two capital projects in the budget for a cost of $82,784. The CDBG grant fund, Blalock said, is balanced at $1,734 and depends on payments from grant recipients. Expenditures in this fund, he added, can be used for drainage improvements within a specified area and are budgeted accordingly.

The STEP grant fund was approved at $81,050 and has a limited term. Funds for this must be spent by October.

According to the town clerk, the town’s debt service will increase by nearly 20 percent, as the town refinanced the fire truck loan last year, increasing the payment amount, but lessening the total number of years to pay off the debt.

“On the revenue side I have budgeted revenues rather conservatively, but in line with trends of actual revenues for the past two years,” Blalock stated. “Our state-shared revenues, such as sales tax, utility franchise tax, video programming, beer and wine taxes, etc… are expected to remain flat, with the exception of sales tax.”

During the June board meeting, the idea of raising water and sewer fees was presented to commissioners, but tabled until further discussion could be had. The budget does not include an increase in those fees, but does include a projected increase of $22,015 in the budget line.

The town’s revolving loan fund is budgeted at $88,791, which is predicted on payments to be received from loan recipients.

“We need to be vigilant in collecting the loan revenue owed to the town of Roseboro, so we can utilize these funds to assist new businesses in revitalizing our downtown area,” Blalock stated.