BLET students train for bumps in road

By: By Dan Grubb - SCC

When people think of how police protect its citizens, thoughts immediately turn to answering 911 calls, showing up at crime scenes to capture a suspect or breaking up fights.

But many times police protect citizens without them even knowing it.

Sampson Community College’s Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy recently trained on the driving track at the North Carolina Justice Academy in Salemburg.

The driving block of instruction is one of 36 blocks offered throughout SCC’s BLET academy. This block of instruction involves spending time driving law enforcement vehicles through precision, reaction and pursuit courses. Students are taught to identify environmental, driver and vehicle factors that cause accidents. Pursuit driving and related hazards are also discussed throughout the training.

This type of training may not be the kind that immediately comes to mind when you think about the duties of police officer’s but because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, one can easily see how important the training is for any community.

SCC’s next BLET Day Academy will begin Aug. 14 and the night academy will begin Aug. 28. Admissions must be completed and the BLET packet must be completed/submitted by July 25 for those interested in enrolling.

SCC is holding a pre-orientation at 3 p.m. Aug. 7 for students to complete the required reading test and meet with the Director to finalize BLET packets, ensuring all required documents are present. Each academy is limited to 24 seats so getting your admissions completed and packet submitted (meeting all requirements) will secure a seat in the academy for Fall 2017.

Those with questions can contact Jennifer Wiley, Director of BLET/Division Chair at 910-592-8081 or you can e mail her at

BLET students assist during a staged traffic accident at the North Carolina Justice Academy. students assist during a staged traffic accident at the North Carolina Justice Academy.

By Dan Grubb