Garland to use Envirolink for Public Works operations

By: By Chase Jordan -

GARLAND — After ending ties with a public works management group in 2016, town leaders are bringing them back to town.

During a Monday meeting, the Garland Commission voted unanimously to use Envirolink to handle public works and water/sewer duties for the area. The final contract will be approved after it’s reviewed by Board Attorney Michael Porter. The cost was not given during or after discussions.

For Garland, some of the duties performed by Envirolink includes maintenance of sewer and water lines, collection systems, and other public works duties.

“The proposal hasn’t changed, we’re happy to be here and it’s a pleasure to be back,” Rayburn said. “We welcome the opportunity to work with the town in the future.”

Rayburn was involved last year when the commission made a decision to sever ties with the business, based out of Bailey. According to Envirolink, the company offers full-service water, wastewater, and public works management services to more than 100 municipal, county, industrial and private clients.

Commissioner S.J. Smith questioned if Envirolink would increase costs for future expansion projects, using the park as an example. At that point, Rayburn said business would explore options related to the town’s size and population.

“If that changes and you go through annexation, growth or something like that, then we’ll sit down with you and figure out the right thing to do,” Rayburn said.

Before the approval, Town Clerk Pam Cashwell and Rayburn discussed the state’s Powell Bill Program, which is used for resurfacing streets or other maintenance repairs. Rayburn said Envirolink can help with the process.

Garland contracted with Bailey-based management company for five years, before the agreement came to an end in 2016. After that decision, commissioners made a decision to hire a full-time employee to perform administrative, technical and supervisory work. But they were unsuccessful in the search. To fill the void, several commissioners helped residents with public works tasks. Former Commissioner Ralph Smith, Commissioner S.J. Smith and Mayor Pro-Tem Haywood Johnson assist with maintenance duties throughout town.

Mayor Winifred Murphy said town officials considered using Envirolink because they don’t have employees in the area.

“Now would be the idea time to go with Envirolink and let them take over everything,” she said. “I wouldn’t have to call Commissioner S.J. out at 12 o’ clock at night and Commissioner (Joseph Lee Carberry) out at 6 a.m.”

Rayburn quickly responded with a response, which may ease the burden for commissioners.

“That’s what we do,” Rayburn said.

Commissioners would like to begin using Envirolink’s services as soon as possible. A possible target date is Aug. 1.

“We look forward to working with the town,” Rayburn said. “I’m always here for you, but you know that the team we have will be glad to serve you.”

Ken Rayburn of Envirolink makes a presentation to Garland Commissioners. Rayburn of Envirolink makes a presentation to Garland Commissioners.

By Chase Jordan