FEMA to assist with Newton Grove street project

By: By Chase Jordan - cjordan@s24477.p831.sites.pressdns.com

NEWTON GROVE — After many meetings regarding a flooding problem on Weeksdale Street, local leaders are ready to see some type of progress.

“I’m glad it’s moving forward,” Mayor Gerald Darden said. “It’s been going on and on since November.”

During a Monday meeting, Darden and the Board of Commissioners made a decision for the street. The cost of the construction project for Weeksdale Street is about $8,000. Plans are to add a slope extension for a tunnel, which was suggested by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials. The culverts are used to become a tunnel for water under or next to the road.

“I will be glad to see it finished,” Darden said. “And I think everyone is on board.”

Through the process, a request was previously made by FEMA to have a Hydrological & Hydraulic Study (H&H Study) for the street.

During the prior meeting, commissioner made a decision to rescind a motion to add a 48-inch tile, which was suggested during a previous meeting. The commissioners felt that the existing 36-inch tile would not fix the flooding problem. It was reported that nearby homeowners, who live near the area made a request for the town not to increase the tile size because of construction of dam near a pond.

At the early meeting in July, it was stressed that engineers reported that even with larger culverts, road will overtop during a 10-, 25-, 5o- and 100-year flood. The term “100-year flood” is used for an area with a 1 percent chance of flooding any given year.

During the planning phase, a suggestion was made to add two 36 inch culverts for Weeksdale. FEMA provided funds for the H&H study and is giving another $8,000 for the project.If the town was to add a larger pipe, the cost of the project would increase to $16,000. The town would have to pay an additional $8,000.

The hired contractor is North State Development. Work is expected to begin soon.

“Hopefully, we’ll get it started soon and open it up again,” said Town Clerk Amanda Turner.

By Chase Jordan