Hunt sworn in as NCAMC head

City of Clinton Clerk Elaine F. Hunt was sworn in as the president of the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks (NCAMC) during the group’s annual meeting Saturday. Mayor Lew Starling admnistered the oath.

Hunt has been a member since 1999 and has served on various committees including the Program and Education Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, State Certification Committee and Scholarship Committee, where she served as the first vice president. Hunt also served on the Membership Committee, Publicity Committee and on the Board of Directors Committee.

The NCAMC has approximately 606 clerks, deputy clerks and assistant clerks. Within the State of North Carolina, there are 575 municipalities.

“The City of Clinton would like to congratulate Elaine Hunt for being nominated as the president for NCAMC as it is a very high honor,” Interim City manager Robert Hyatt stated upon the announcement Wednesday afternoon.