SI’s Weekend Edition set for Saturday start

By: Staff reports

Saturday will mark the beginning of a new chapter for The Sampson Independent with the introduction of the newspaper’s Weekend Edition.

It will be delivered Saturday morning and be available in racks for everyone, allowing for news, advertising specials, comics and everything else to be consumed a day earlier. The weekend edition will stay in the rack through Monday for those who want to pick it up through the weekend. The cost remains the same at $1.50.

“We are traveling a new road with the switch from a Sunday edition to a Weekend edition, but we believe it’s a move whose time has come,” said SI publisher Sherry Matthews. “We didn’t make the decision lightly or reach it quickly; we talked with many longtime subscribers from different parts of the county, randomly selected a few others to seek opinions from, and spent time with some of our advertisers seeking their thoughts on how it might be beneficial to them as well.”

In the end, it was decided that it was the right time.

Matthews pointed to the myriad benefits the Weekend Edition would bring to all, offering everything the Sunday edition has always provided — only 24 hours earlier.

“Everything we do is designed to offer better and more timely service to those who have depended on our newspaper for advertising and news for well over 90 years,” said Matthews, “and this switch to a Weekend Edition is no different.”

It provides those who like to spend Saturday shopping locally an opportunity to see and take advantage of advertising specials across Sampson — shopping for vehicles, picking up gifts, buying groceries or doing anything in downtown Clinton, something that wasn’t so easy to do on most Sundays.

The Weekend Edition is seen as another positive move for the Sampson Independent, which has taken many different paths through the years, all with a focus toward improving a product that has been synonymous with this county for nearly a century. The Independent made the choice to focus on local news over state and national news back in the 80s; began offering daily color on the front page and in ads back in the early 90s; and switched from an afternoon paper to a morning one in the early 2000s.

The Independent has always transformed to keep the product fresh, while catering to its readers’ interests, wants and needs, while keeping the foundation of timely community coverage. For readers, the latest move gives them an entire weekend to catch up on the latest sports scores, the most recent news, the weddings and engagements, lunch menus, school news, birthdays, vital statistics and college happenings.

“If Saturday is your day to lounge around, you can enjoy your paper and a cup of coffee a day earlier. If not, you still have Sunday to catch up as you’ve always done,” said Matthews. “We think it’s the best of both worlds; we hope readers will too.”

Staff reports