Clinton City Schools revises teacher plan

By: By Kristy D. Carter -

By Kristy D. Carter


Beginning any new job can be stressful, but the members of the Clinton City Board of Education made that start a little easier when they adopted the Beginning Teacher Support Program Plan during a meeting Monday night.

According to NC State Board policy, each LEA must develop an annual Beginning Teacher Support Plan and provide a comprehensive program for beginning teachers. Part of the city board’s plan includes the recent hiring of Kelly Batts, who will be working as the beginning teachers coordinator. In her role, Batts will be implementing the plan and working to support teachers as they begin their careers as educators.

“The Beginning Teacher Support Program is designed to offer the necessary support for an individual’s professional growth during the first three years of employment as a teacher,” the plan states. “A support system of periodic assessment of skills, satisfactory evaluations of performance and completion of a professional development plans assist the employee in achieving proficiency or great on all standards as outlined by the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Instrument.”

Part of the plan includes having effective management, which is where Batts comes into play. The plan states that the beginning teachers coordinator will be responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the BTS program.

In Clinton City Schools’ updated plan that was adopted Monday night, it states that all beginning teachers that are employed through CCS will participate in a required orientation prior tot he first teacher workday in August. Those hired after the summer orientation will be provided small group orientation or further structured professional development.

“They go to college and they receive a lot of training and receive a lot of content knowledge,” Batts said during an interview when she was hired last month. “But they have not had the opportunity to lead a classroom from start to finish.”

Beginning teachers are also assigned a school-based mentor during their first three years. Mentors are career status teachers who have expressed an interest in working with beginning teachers and who have been recommended by principals based on their proven effectiveness as classroom teachers.

In addition to these requirements in the plan, the beginning teachers must follow other guidelines set forth by the state and local LEA.

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Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.