Weather may hinder delivery

Inclement weather that expected across Sampson County Wednesday night could slow delivery of Thursday’s Sampson Independent.

Although the paper was under early deadlines, getting the published paper from production facilities in Lumberton to Clinton were stalled due to road conditions, and carriers were asked to deliver the paper only when it was safe to do so.

“We want our subscriber to get their paper every single day,” stressed Publisher Sherry Matthews, “but we also have to be mindful of the road conditions for the safety of our carriers. The governor, as well as the Highway Patrol, is urging people to stay off the roads until they can be cleared and are safe to drive. We take those warnings very seriously and intend to heed them.”

Doing so, though, could mean the newspaper won’t get to subscribers at the designated time.

“It is possible carriers may not be able to deliver the paper until later in the day Thursday. And, in some cases, it could be that Thursday’s paper is delivered with Friday’s Sampson Independent,” Matthews said. “I have asked our carriers to assess the road conditions in their area and deliver when it is safe to do so.”

Matthews noted that it was important to also remember that even if a subscriber’s road appears OK to travel, that carriers had to leave from their homes, come to the newspaper office and then head out on their route. “One road may be OK, but others may not. Our carriers have long routes that wind along many secondary roads. If they are impassable that impedes them from doing their route.”

Those who don’t get their paper on Thursday can access the Independent’s website at and follow the paper on Facebook for the latest in weather updates and closings.

“We have multiple platforms available to residents. They are nice to have when the weather gets bad and the paper cannot be delivered in the timeliest manner,” Matthews said.

“I appreciate the way our subscribers bear with us during these times.”