Student’s soad rrom Nicaragua to Chapel Hill runs through SCC

Marvin Jarquin standing in the College Transfer breezeway between classes.

Marvin Jarquin’s educational journey has stretched almost 2,000 miles and he’s just getting started.

Jarquin, an SCC College Transfer student who could not even speak English when he arrived here from his home country of Nicaragua four years ago, now tutor’s English at Sampson Community College. This type of determination is what has made Jarquin one of UNC-Chapel Hill’s latest recruits, a feat that is not achieved every day. UNC’s enrollment is about 18,000 students per year and less than 400 of those come as junior transfers to the university.

Jarquin has earned a 4.0 grade point average at SCC, while taking a full course load and holding a full-time job as well. The first one in his family to go to college, he tutors for the English 111 classes and is qualified to tutor Psychology as well. He has never scored a final grade below 90 throughout his career and finished high school in the U.S. in five semesters instead of the projected eight that it normally takes to do so.

In his spare time which seems to come at a premium, Jarquin is also learning Italian and writes short stories.

Jennifer Eavenson, one of Jarquin’s instructors as well as his advisor says she enjoys being a part of his journey but also hates to see him leave as well. “Marvin is the classmate and co-worker that everyone loves to have,” says Eavenson. “He is an ideal student who regularly gets A’s, is respectful of others and always helps those in need as evidenced by his tutoring.”

The College Transfer program is part of Sampson Community College’s Arts and Sciences Division. Through the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science program, students are provided coursework that parallels the first two years for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science at many four-year colleges and universities. Although not transferable, SCC also offers an Associate of General Education that is designed to provide students two years of general education beyond high school. In addition, a set of foundational courses are provided through the Developmental Studies program. Call 910-592-8081 for more information.