Board chair dispels Clement School rumor

By Chase Jordan - [email protected]
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Speculation about Clement Elementary School leaving the Midway District raised a few eyebrows of concerned parents and community members.

A recent post on Facebook reported that the Sampson County Schools (SCS) Board of Education was trying to redistrict students from Clement Elementary to the Lakewood District area, located in the western section of Sampson County.

Timothy Register, chairman of the SCS Board of Education, said that’s not the case. On behalf the the board, Register said there’s been no discussion by the school board regarding redistricting of any students.

“As is the case with every school district, at some point in the future, if the need arose, we would discuss it,” Register said. “That has not come about in Sampson County.”

The social media post said the move will not take place overnight, but more than likely will happen in the very near future. The post was made by a parent who seemed to be concerned about the matter affecting her oldest child. It also called for parents to come together to nominate two people to run for the board of education to have representation for the Clement community. An election for four positions will be held in November.

“This is for all my Clement Elem. School parents. it has been brought to our attention that the Sampson County School Board is trying (to) redistrict Clement Elem School children to the Lakewood District. This means our children will no longer be in the Midway District. It will not take place over night, but more than likely happen n the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Which it means it will affect my oldest child. It is imperative that we come together TONIGHT to nominate at least 2 people to run for the Sampson County School Board to represent the Clement Community,” the post noted.

When it comes to the redistricting matter, Register said an offhanded comment may have been made, but there was no official discussion.

“As long as I’m the chairperson, we would never undertake to do something such as that, without having open public comment and input,” Register said.

If a change was being considered, he said it would include an examination of all the schools in the area.

“That wouldn’t involve just one district,” Register said. “That would involve looking at the whole county, if we needed to do that. But I certainly don’t see a need to do that anytime in the near future.”

He added that a major decisions about switching where elementary students would go for their middle and high school education would not be held in secret. From his knowledge, the information did not come from anyone on the board.

“I don’t know who started the rumor, but that’s all it is, a rumor,” Register said. “That’s where we stand on it.”

Currently, the Midway District is made up of Clement Elementary, Plain View Elementary, Midway Elementary, Midway Middle and Midway High schools. The Lakewood District is made up of Roseboro Elementary, Salemburg Elementary, Roseboro-Salemburg Middle and Lakewood High schools.

School will remain in Midway District

By Chase Jordan

[email protected]

Reach Chase Jordan at 910-249-4617. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd and like us on Facebook.

Reach Chase Jordan at 910-249-4617. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd and like us on Facebook.