Does peace have a chance?

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Do you believe peace has a chance in our world? This story stirred while watching national student protests on television and reading English papers I wrote in Mr. Randall Autry’s class at Clement High School in 1970.

A rainy Saturday morning set the stage for housecleaning. Dusting a cabinet, where old journals and writings from school years are stored, prompted a trip down memory lane and prayers for peace in our land! Martha minded cleaning took a back seat, Mary mode kicked in, and I spent hours reading messages penned in past seasons when God was preparing me for His plans. Realizing the impact of God’s love and ‘looking after me’ for 260 seasons humbled me to tears. Rewinding reels of memories in my mind reminded me how tenderly my Father and family loved me and love me still! My repentant, healed heart raced joyfully, for I am still crazy in love with my Lord and loved ones. Remembering the way things were in the early seventies and pondering present day predicaments across our planet, my heart cried out with utterances understood by the One who created and craves a close relationship with all His children.

Taking refuge in my recliner, I turned off the television and took time for reflection. What words of wisdom would our parents and grandparents share about the state of affairs in our world today? Would they have accepted changes we have witnessed when God has been removed from public places and Christian principles unwelcomed throughout our land? Would they have protested? Would they have stood their ground on protecting family time and putting priorities in proper perspective? What would they have stressed as most important in the great scheme of things while living life season by season without knowing what our tomorrows hold?

With closed eyes, open mind, and healing heart being stirred, I am led to close this story and finish the message on peace next week. I pause to think on things that are lovely – compliments of Paul, who was crazy in love with the Lord! Paul’s willingness to write what God stirred in his heart during a time when persecution, pride, problems, protests, and prejudice plagued the land where he lived shows the power of the pen and a close relationship with Him – God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Paul longed for people to turn their eyes upon Jesus and be closely connected to Christ. He faithfully stood in obedience to His Father even when the world around him was in chaos and his life endangered. Paul’s passion for Christ powerfully impacted lives in His time and ours. Reading Paul’s messages in God’s Word point His children to Christ with passion and power to stand strong through all seasons. His teachings implore people to stay humble, honor God, and be on guard for the devil who prows and preys on weak ones, tossed to and fro, who become entangled in the ways of the world. Paul surely pondered the possibility of peace in the world throughout seasons of persecution and pleading with people to change their ways and walk with the One who gives peace and life everlasting in paradise.

In closing, we are living in the best of times…ripe for Jesus’ return! Are we prepared? Our passion for Christ and those He put in our lives to love and cherish should be top priority on each of our daily ‘to do’ lists! If your family members are still here with you, take time to hug them longer and show them how much you love them. Prioritize and implement what is most important in your life here, what will make a difference in people’s lives for Jesus, and what will get God’s attention and be recorded in heaven!

Our protests should be against the wiles of the wicked one who seeks to devilishly destroy hearts, homes, churches, heads of governments, nations, and seeks to secure spots in hell for every child God created. However, the devil is a liar who knows his time is short. When our hearts belong to Jesus and our lives reflect the light of His Word and ways, He will protect, bless, and enlarge our territory no matter how hard the enemy tries to terrorize and taunt. I believe peace has a chance in our world. Do you? When we stop being silent Christians and let our little lights shine from the redwood forests to the Gulfstream waters…our nation will not need a wall, protests, or politics to straighten things out or wonder who is honest and reputable with no more visions of hatred and doubt! Keeping God our cornerstone and staying closely connected to Christ will provide the hedge of protection and peace from our Father with the best security system to keep Satan out!

If you believe it is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country (as we learned in typing 101), to stand up for Jesus as soldiers of the cross, and to promote peaceful living and passionate loving for our Lord and loved ones…pass this message on and put a lot of love in your heart. Then, our nation (and world) will be a better place for you and me… just wait and see! Put a little love in your heart and give peace a chance with Christ being glorified from sea to shining sea!

By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner of Tim’s Gift ministry.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner of Tim’s Gift ministry.