Land Transfers

Larinda Haight and Michael Haight to Yadira Osorio Ruiz, Yadira Osorio-Ruiz and Yadira Osorio Ruiz

Amos Ward Westbrook Estate and Jo Ann M. Westbrook EXR to Jo Ann M. Westbrook TR

Joyce Jernigan Jones to Joyce Jones, Joyce J. Jones TR, Joyce Jernigan Jones and The Joyce Jones Family Trust

Joyce Jernigan Jones to Chris Alan Beasley, Mark Andrew Beasley, Joyce J. Jones, Joyce Jernigan Jones and William Aaron Watson

Joyce Jernigan Jones to Mark Andrew Beasley, Joyce J. Jones and Joyce Jernigan Jones

Barry L. Conklin and Jennifer B. Conklin to Joyce J. Jones

Mark Andrew Beasley to Chris Alan Beasley

Morgan Futrell and Taylor Futrell to Katelyn Baker and Klayten Jensen

Tony Robert Herring to Anthony Edward Herring And Eugenia Alina Herring

Dolores Howard, Jesse E. Howard III, Melinda Kearney, Gary Royal, Monica Royal, Monica T. Royal, Sharlene Tew and Sidney Gabriel Tew Jr. to Jonathan B. Tew

Mary A. McMillan and Robert McMillan to King David Williams

Selene Finance LP to T&D Home Buyers LLC

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLS

Anthony B. Davis, Anthony Blake Davis and Tara Annette Davis to Jeanine Surene Brown and Shirley Jean Brown

Randi James Kelly, New Century Bank FKA and Select Bank & Trust Company to Robert Steward James and Stephen Randolph Kelly

Charles A. Dickerson and Peggy M. Dickerson to Mark W. Bergstresser

Eunice Melvin Fortson NKA, Eunice Melvin Fortson, Eunice Meritta Henry, Eunice Melvin Fortson, Eunice Melvin Fortson NKA and Eunice Melvin-Fortson NKA to Carolyn Y. Melvin and Curtis Anthony Melvin

Leigh M. Butler and Reid H. Butler to Haley Sinclair and Reid C. Sinclair

Comfort Homes INC to Jon Cory Barnes and Samantha Barnes

Maria Ortiz Carbajal and Raunel Hernandez to Oztavio Steben Cruz Hernandez and Jazlyn Maria Oritz

Glenn King, Shelia King and Shelia A. King to Donna Warren

Ann Barwick Macgill to Ann Barwick Mcgill, James F. Macgill Jr. TR, Mary Macgill Stokes TR and The Ann Barwick Macgill Revocable Trust

Samuel Holder Sr. to Ronald B. Warren

Brian T. Allen and Tina L. Allen to Craig Dudenhoeffer and Kristyn Dudenhoeffer

Alice P. Watson and Curtis Watson to Alice P. Watson, Curtis Watson and Gregory Todd Watson

Silvia Kay Tanner to Ivonne Morales Arizmendi and Ricardo Soto

Amber L. Temple to Kendra M. Fan and Alphus L. Fann

Castlerock 2017, LLC and Victor Naar MGR to GCSG Investments, LTD

Sonja C. Justice to Cynthia B. Justice and Jeffrey Steven Justice

Danny Ray Tyndall and Sonya Tyndall to Sandra Buhls and Thomas Buhls