New ministry to assist families

By Katrina Boykin - Baldwin Branch Baptist Church
The Baldwin Branch WMIG Team. -

All over the country in a few days we will celebrate Mother’s Day. This will be a time of joy and sadness. Mothers are very special and having to learn to live without them can be pretty tough. Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church pastor Dr. Louie Boykin and Dr. Katrina Boykin partner to assist families with a ministry called, When Mom Is Gone. It is a therapeutic christian based support ministry designed to help families cope and live with the the death of their mom. Monthly meetings consist of service and educational components. It’s mission:

• Serve as a conduit for healing

• Educate on such topics as grief, mourning, coping and healthy living

• Aid families through the funeral process

• Locate resources and services for WMIG Children

• Monthly support meetings

• Individual and small group counseling

• Scholarships for high school WMIG children

WMIG ministry will track families for a year offering assistance especially on all holidays and special days. Sometime having someone to talk to when everyone else has gone home is very helpful.

Almost a dozen families have been served since this ministry started in September. On May 19, at 4 p.m., at the Sampson Middles School gymnasium these families will be honored at the Premiere Convention along with the Lillie Peele James Scholarship recipients.

The Lillie Peele James Scholarship honors Boykin’s mother who was a retired educator from Hargrove Elementary School in Faison. James strongly believed that all children if given the opportunity to learn could be successful.

Today Boykin and her siblings along with so many others strive to keep her dream alive. This convention will be a time of fellowship and thanks. The guest speaker will be pastor Cheryl Moore of Zion Temple in Raleigh.

There is no fee to come, but please RSVP to [email protected] or call 910-990-7310 by May 17. There will also be a Book Launch for Boykin’s book entitled, “When Mom Is Gone”. The cost is $10 and book signing will be available on site. All proceeds will go towards scholarship and any donations may be submitted to Dr. Katrina Boykin, 119 Harmon Street, Clinton, NC or Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church 4047 Hwy 242 South, Elizabethtown,

North Carolina 28337.

If you would like to establish a WMIG team at your church or community please contact us. Currently 10 churches are serving a WMIG Team. There is no consultation fee. We will meet with your ministry head and share our model and help you design personal goals for your team.

Losing any love one is difficult, but when mom is gone, life changes. This ministry, through pain and many tears was originated to help other families learn to live without mom. It is not an easy task, but if you lean and depend on Jesus Christ, He will bring you through.

The Baldwin Branch WMIG Team. Baldwin Branch WMIG Team.

By Katrina Boykin

Baldwin Branch Baptist Church