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Summer enrollment on rise

As the spring semester comes to a close at Sampson Community College, the staff and administration are celebrating the increase in the number of summer students who have converged on the educational institute’s campus.

The number of course options at the college has continued to increase, as has the enrollment number for the last three summer sessions. According to Dr. Marvin Rondon, interim dean of student services and director of academic services, the college has seen an increase of 270 students in the last two years. In 2016, summer enrollment was at 574 students, in summer 2017 it was at 659 students, and this summer that number has increased to 844 students.

“Over the last two academic years, the faculty and staff have worked to greatly expand some of the most popular courses for graduating high school students and for students in their freshman or sophomore years at residential colleges,” SCC president Dr. Bill Starling said. “Most of the courses in college transfer are offered by distance learning allowing students to complete their work around their work or travel schedule.”

Summer sessions are allowing more visiting students to take courses and transfer the credit to their college or university. Additionally, Sampson Community College is seeing an increase in the number of students from other North Carolina counties.

Rondon said students enrolled with Sampson Community College benefit from the school online program, as well as the shorter summer session.

Sampson Community College offers three options for students taking classes in the summer. The May-mester is a four-week program that allows students to take a class in a shorter period of time, but earn the full amount of credits. Summer sessions are offered at both four and eight week-long intervals.

“The summer term has also been compressed to an eight-week format,” Starling explained. “We believe our summer enrollment growth reflects our success in meeting the needs and the educational plans of our local students. Some of these students will continue on with us through another year or further before transfer. Others will move into our applied science programs. But for many of these students it is our summer course offerings that enable them to be an SCC student. We want to always take the opportunity to thank all our students and their families that allow us to a part of their future.”

Over the last two years, Sampson Community College has offered more transferable courses and the number of Early College and high school students taking summer courses has increased. Taking these summer classes allows students to complete their degree in less time.

According to Rondon, there are many advantages to taking classes in the summer. The cost per credit hour is affordable, the school offers a long list of transferable courses, online courses can be taken at any location with internet connection, and sessions are shorter.

”Most of the online courses offered this summer are transferable courses under the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement with the NC State University System and independent private universities,” Rondon said.

Summer session will continue through July 11.

Students are taking advantage of the opportunities at Sampson Community College to take summer courses. are taking advantage of the opportunities at Sampson Community College to take summer courses.
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By Kristy D. Carter

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