Get off the fence, stand for God

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Do you believe ‘we the people of the United States of America’ have become blind to things which can destroy our country? Do we give peace a chance and promote prayer that can sharpen discernment and promote unity or grudgingly protest national foundations and Christian principles that can promote dissipation and harden hearts.

This story stirred when I pulled a yellowed folder from my file titled: Writings in Mr. Randall’s class – Clement High School – 1969. Sifting through my old writings, one paper from English III class caught my attention. A tattered newspaper clipping – “Flag-Wearing Youth Ordered to Pay Fine – Charlotte N.C. May 6, 1970” brought memories of my teacher’s passion for creative teaching and passing the joy of writing to his students. His teaching seeded my love for writing. Reading my seventies writing in the sunset season of my life causes me sadness that I did not thank my teacher before moving on to a new season of my life.

My heart is convicted to encourage you to show appreciation to people God puts in your path to propel you before moving on without showing respectful appreciation. We should never miss opportunities to thank our heavenly Father, family, friends, (even strangers who cross our paths), who powerfully impact our lives. Generous giving of kind words and good deeds done in love get God’s attention; He gives blessings beyond anything we could ever orchestrate by our own efforts.

Holding my high school writing close to my heart, I paused to reflect on those precious years when guys gathered at the smoking block and girls giggled and gussied up in the bathroom during break, when respect rallied, kids enjoyed life and explored new horizons while honoring authority. Graduation was a long awaited gift for those who persevered four years of growing up and getting in gear for the real world. Sounds of Glee Clubs singing Halls of Ivey serenaded proud parents wiping tears as their children turned tassels and took steps to new seasons.

We could not understand then what we witness in our world today. Our happy high school season was never spoiled by shooters with vengeance to kill or protestors with agendas for attention. What has happened to stifle simple pleasures and sweet living in countries throughout God’s creation?

A powerful song, “Peace in America”, shares the how quickly a nation can plummet when peace and love toward ‘one’s neighbor’ – per God’s greatest commandment – is protested and put on hold. Changes come as people question things of this world and God’s Word, while Satan stirs hatred, division, unbelief in Jesus and the assurance of things we can’t see, disrespect, and denial of the living God who created us in His image. And ‘for such a time as this’ when writings in Revelation are relevant… ‘we the people’ sit silently, stubbornly, seeking protection on politically correct fences – failing to speak up for Christian principles, show appreciation to our Creator, and thank God’s children of integrity who live by His Son’s example and take time to make a positive, powerful difference in people’s lives…yours and mine included!

Next week, I will share the rest of this story that surely causes us to ponder our purpose, position, and passion to lovingly help or hatefully hinder the cause of Christ. Until then, let us be challenged to come closer to our Lord and loved ones. Let us put our faith in God who will never fail us, never made a mistake, and never will leave us.

Jesus longs for a personal, precious relationship with each of His children. Taking time to talk to Him appreciate His presence, hedge of protection and gifts, and stand up in faith when protests and Pharisee minded living persists… pleases Him who made us in His image and has prepared a place for us to go when our time here is done. He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

It is time to get off the fence that keeps us fearfully sitting in silence. Do it today before it’s too late. Let’s step in faith and stomp out guilt in our lives because we have not truly believed in God and lived in His will. Our sweet Jesus forgives and forgets our sins when we repent, make things right with Him and people in our lives, and realize it is only Him (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who can straighten out things in our hearts, homes, and homelands! The time is now to stop paying attention to Satan’s ploys and protests for he has no power over us when we are connected to Christ. Let this be the day for us to stand up for our Lord and loved ones and start enjoying life by living out loud in love with Jesus in our hearts.

By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner/operator of Tim’s Gift Love Ministry.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner/operator of Tim’s Gift Love Ministry.