Land Transfers

Angel Diaz to Maria C. Villasenor

Curr-Well Developments, LLC and Currie Tee Howell, MBR, MGR to Jose G. Osorio and Angelica R. Ruiz

Deborah T. Hamilton, Wesley Clayton Hamilton Sr., Crafton S. Tart Jr., Kim Tart, Kimberly Poole Tart, Larry Richard Wood and Sharon T. Wood to Kenneth Lee Carroll II and Taylor Pope Carroll

H. Lawrence Sanderson MGR and Warren Realty, LLC to Erick Thomas Williams and Kelly Jones Williams

Margaret Ann A. Hobbs to Rebecca H. Haislip and Richard L. Haislip

Louise M. Stevens to Jose Isbel Zalavarria Reyes and Felisita Rodriguez Zalavarria

Delena Williams Bryan, Joseph Mark Bryan, Edna Williams McGuirt, Glenn McGuirt, Larry Dean Warren and Patricia Williams Warren to Michael Mumford

Keith Harold Brinson, Keith Harold Brinson EXR, Michelle Brinson, Rupert Harold Brinson Estate, Kenneth Dwight Robinson, Shelley Robinson and Shelley Beth Robinson to Brinson Holdings LLC

Wellons Realty Inc. to Daniel V. Hurst Jr.

Betty Britt EXR and Bobby Ray Byrd Estate to Betty Britt

Hubert Wayne Johnson, Shelia Charmaine Naylor Johnson, Gary Edwin Naylor and Harry Wayne Naylor to Kwik Stop Hobbton Highway LLC

Bobbie B. Draughon and James Hugh Draughon Jr. to Aaron Thomas Tyndall and Brenda Holland Tyndall

H&H Constructors Inc. to Adrian Mathews and Jennifer Mathews

Gary Bruce Pate to Omar Gomez Martinez

Barbara J. Autry and Barbara Jean Autry to Barney Lee Herring

Jean Parker Bell NKA, Robert Edward Bell Jr. and Jean Parker Massengill to Stacy A. Kennedy

Peggy Buckner Ammons and Tommy Edward Ammons to Nathaniel James Garrett and Rebecca Louise Garrett

Lee Warren Hickman EXR and Joe Ellis Warren Estate to Lee Warren Hickman TR and Warren Revocable Trust

Cynthia Ann Wright Wooten to Kenneth Lee Wooten

Ella Mae Robinson to Karen McLamb Moore

Johnny Brewer and Johnny Preston Brewer to Douglas Wayne Brewer II

Carolyn Walker, Maury N. Walker, Chanda Walker Walls, Chanda Walker-Walls and Chanda Walker Walls to Teretha McNeil

Heather G. Waters MBR, William N. Waters, MGR/MBR and Waters Bros. LLC to Crane Creek Farms LLC

Kalin Cockman and Oren K. Cockman Jr. to Chris Robert Behringer

Darrell Ray Canady, Melanie Joy Parker Canady and Millette Jana Parker to Melina Jill Parker Horner

Chandra V. Champion and Danny K. Champion to Robert E. Butler and Shirley M. Butler

Brian Matthew DeMay and Sally Parker DeMay or Courtney Hill Vial and Robert Lee Vial III

James Earl Daw and Renita Sasser and James Earl Daw and Renita Sasser

James Earl Daw to Renita Sasser