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Hobbton Middle masters word contest

Hobbton Middle School is celebrating another achievement when it comes to nationwide competitions.

Eighth-graders finished placed sixth in the 2017-2018 Vocabulary Bowl in the Division III portion of the competition for schools under 500 students. The academic contest from involves student’s mastery of words. HMS students had a grasp of 55, 411 words.

During a recent meeting for the Sampson County Schools Board of Education, Principal Jeff Bradshaw proudly held up a top 10 banner and discussed the accomplishment, which included more than 1.18 million students from 41,000 schools. Collectively, more than 32 million words were mastered. Along with students, Bradshaw also recognized teacher Chip Pollock, for the school’s involvement in the Vocabulary Bowl. HMS started using about two years.

“This is the banner we’re getting ready to hang in our school,” Bradshaw said. “It’s always good to have another banner to hang in our school and I’m very proud of Mr. Pollock and our eighth-grade students in the vocabulary bowl.”

In May, the school in Newton Grove won the 2018 National “March Math Madness” Championship. The contest was sponsored by Imagine Learning, a program that offers online tutorials in math. Participants at HMS completed more than 3,800 hours in Imagine Math and collectively completed 15,76 math lessons and 453,020 complex problems. The contest was based on a bracket-style contest based on U.S. time zones with schools competing in head-to head elimination rounds with students logging on and completing math questions online. In 2017, finished as the runner-up.

During the meeting, Bradshaw also recognized Yoselin Romero-Jorge for making a perfect score on the eighth-grade End-of-Grade test for science. Teacher Kristen Spell was also recognized for her instruction. They were unable to attend the meeting.

“When I graduated from college, I graduated with a biology and chemistry degree, then I taught biology and chemistry for 22 years,” Bradshaw said. “This next award is tough to get. I know it is because I tried and I never got it myself.”

Bradshaw said Romero-Jorge answered 75 questions correctly.

“That’s something that I’ve never seen at Hobbton Middle School since I’ve been there and I would like everyone to please show your appreciation and pride to miss Yoselin Romero-Jorge and her teacher Mrs. Kristen Spell.”

Principal Jeff Bradshaw shows a banner during a recent meeting for the Sampson County Board of Education. Jeff Bradshaw shows a banner during a recent meeting for the Sampson County Board of Education.
School among top 10 in the nation

By Chase Jordan

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