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His presence is needed

There are many lessons and truths given to us in the Book of Genesis as it portrays the twelve sons of Jacob, sometimes referred to as the twelve tribes of Israel.

One of Jacob’s sons was named Joseph. Genesis 37:3 says, “Now Israel, (Jacob), loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age; and he made him a coat of many colors. Joseph also had the gift of dreams and interpreting dreams.

Because Joseph was highly favored by his father, along with his gift of dreams, Joseph brother hated and envied Joseph. This led them to conspire to kill Joseph but they eventually threw him into a pit. Joseph was subsequently rescued out of the pit by Midianites and the sold Joseph to Potiphar, who was an officer and captain under Pharaoh in Egypt.

One of the most often statements made about Joseph in the bible was, “The Lord was with him.” Because the Lord was with Joseph, the bible also says Joseph was a prosperous man. The word “prosperous means success or successful.

Potiphar recognized Joseph had favor with God and that everything he did was successful. As a result, Potiphar made Joseph overseer over everything he had including his home. According to Genesis 39:6, Joseph was a very handsome man also.

Potiphar had a wife who was attracted to Joseph. She asked him several times to have sex with her but he rejected her advances. One day only Joseph and the wife were in the house and she literally grabbed him with the intentions of sleeping with him. Joseph ran from her, but in the process, she tore a piece of his clothing off him. She subsequently accused Joseph of trying to rape her.

One of the keys to this incident was Joseph’s ability to resist the temptation of sleeping with her. Joseph, like everyone else, knew that the Lord was with him. The empowering presence of God in Joseph’s life helped him to resist temptation.

Today it is the empowering presence of God in our lives that makes it possible for us to resist temptation, but we have a responsibility to ensure the empowering presence of God is on our lives. God once said, if you draw nigh to me, I will draw nigh to you. The goal of each day of our lives should be to draw closer to God.

Satan has three major goals he wants to fulfill in everybody’s life. He wants to stop us from receiving and accepting salvation. He wants us to never understand the doctrine of salvation should he fail to keep us from accepting Christ. Thirdly He wants to keep us from drawing close to God.

The bible says, Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. We often think that relates to our possession. But what Satan really wants to steal, kill and destroy is our time. He does not want us to have the time to draw closer to God.

Satan uses people, jobs, careers and even church to keep us so busy that we don’t have enough time to spend with God. He knows that if we take the time to get close to God on a daily basis, we will experience the empowering presence of God. And as a result, we are more capable of resisting temptation, sinning less, and being more useful to God.

The goal of every believer should be to draw nigh to God on a daily basis. Oftentimes when a believer joins a church, the first thing the church does is to put that new member in various positions or circumstance whereby they are always busy. This is a big mistake.

There is nothing wrong with being busy as long as it does not keep you from drawing close to God. We all need the empowering presence of God in our lives everyday.

By Gilbert Owens

Contributing columnist

Gilbert Owens is a resident of Roseboro.