Senator continues fight for farmers

By Sen. Brent Jackson - U.S. Senator District 10

Dear Friend of Senate District 10,

I hope you are having a great week so far. To the strong disappointment of our farmers and rural communities, Governor Cooper vetoed the N.C. Farm Act of 2018, Senate Bill 711, on Monday night. I am happy to report that the Senate has already voted to override the Governor’s veto, and we are hopeful the House will follow suit. This is a very important bill to protect our hard working, farmers who are operating in good faith in North Carolina. I hope Senate Bill 711 will soon be law, and our farming communities will receive the protections they deserve and the legislature always intended for them to have.

On Monday night the legislature, in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and North Carolina Farm Bureau, held a N.C. Agriculture Rally to show support for our farmers and North Carolina agriculture. We had an amazing turn out by farmers from all across the state, who made sure that their voices were heard to support our state’s top industry.

Senate Bill 677: Protect Right to Hunt and Fish

The House and Senate passed Senate Bill 677: Protect Right to Hunt and Fish, with bipartisan support in both chambers on Monday night. Senate Bill 677 will let voters decide in the November election whether to amend the North Carolina Constitution to safeguard citizens’ right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife. To pass as a constitutional amendment, 3/5 of each chamber must vote in favor of the bill. The bill passed in the Senate at a 41-6 vote. Senate Bill 677 upholds the importance of outdoor recreation in North Carolina, and it is important not to forget our history and heritage. North Carolina has a chance to join 21 other states across the nation who already guarantee this right in their state constitutions.

From the District

Duplin County — Kenansville Fire Department celebration

An open house celebration in honor of the 65th year anniversary of the Kenansville Fire Department is scheduled for Sept. 15 from 2-4 p.m. at the department. In addition to the event, the fire department hopes to restore a 1953 Ford-American LaFrance fire engine that was ordered for the fire department in August of 1953, and they also plan on providing history on the service the fire department has provided. Of the 1953/1954 fire department’s roster, three charter members remain: Steve Williamson Sr., William “Billy” Stephens, and Donald Murphy. All of the families of the fire department’s charter members, retired charter members, and other citizens throughout the local community, are encouraged to attend the event and celebrate the 65 years of service to the surrounding areas.

Johnston County — JWL of Smithfield 3rd Annual Big Night Out Gala

Earlier in June, the Junior Women’s League of Smithfield hosted their 3rd annual Big Night Out Gala Fundraiser. There were 250 attendees from all across Johnston County, and the League’s Board of Directors proudly presented a check for $15,000 to the Harbor of Johnston County. The Harbor will utilize the funds raised to help fund a child advocate position, which will allow them to provide additional services to children who have been impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. There were over 60 local businesses to join the cause, and over 250 community members donated by purchasing tickets. Johnston Women’s League of Smithfield is a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the community through action and leadership of volunteers to assist the citizens of Johnston County. The organization is accepting applications for new members, and for more information please visit

Sampson County — Salemburg Elementary receives donation

Salemburg Elementary School recently received a $9,500 donation from the Donnie M. Royal Foundation that will go to purchasing 25 HP Stream Laptops for fifth-graders at the school. The laptops will come with a charging cart and software pack, and they will allow students in the school to learn to use up-to-date technology while working on instructional projects. The Donnie M. Royal Foundation holds the goal to invest in local children by increasing technology in schools, and in the previous years has assisted other grade levels throughout Salemburg Elementary School. The donation from the foundation will help fill a void at the fifth-grade level at the school, and provide students a way to draw diagrams on tablets, sketch ideas on white boards, and search computers for information. The foundation hopes to continue to improve the technology students have access to in the school.

District Spotlight

The Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce has named Allie Strickland their new director after current director Kaitlin Adkin’s announced she was leaving. Allie Strickland, a Salemburg resident, will begin her new position next month, and will work with the Chamber’s members and the business community to ensure increased quality and growth for businesses throughout Sampson County. Mrs. Strickland has always held a passion for building relationships and community development. She learned the importance of supporting local businesses early and the hard work that comes with it being the child of a small business owner. Mrs. Strickland most recently helped the town of Roseboro create and execute their first annual downtown festival, the Bloomfest, to promote economic growth. Mrs. Strickland and her husband, who is a Sampson County native, have lived in the county for seven years. Please join me in congratulating Allie Strickland on being named the next director for the Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce!

By Sen. Brent Jackson

U.S. Senator District 10