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Over $100k in scholarships awarded

The scholarship donors and recipients at Sampson Community College both benefit — whether it is being rewarded for great generosity or earning a chance at educational opportunities.

According to Lisa Turlington, Sampson Community College’s Foundation director, the primary function of the Foundation is to raise funds for students’ scholarships. For the upcoming school year, more than $107,000 has been awarded through 124 different scholarships. This year’s total is $10,000 more than last year and six additional scholarships were awarded.

“One of the primary functions of the Foundation is to raise money to support student scholarships, and it is a privilege to help many of our students who work, raise families and go to school,” Turlington said. “Many of the Foundation scholars do not qualify for federal aid, but still need help paying for college.”

Many times, state or federal funding in the form of college grants cannot meet the demand of the number of students with aspirations to get an education with limited funding of their own. The donors who provide the scholarship funds through the SCC Foundation are the providers who give so graciously to fill that gap and support these students and ultimately, the community itself.

“We on the Foundation Board are excited about this year’s scholarship disbursements totaling $107,000,” Foundation Board president Dr. Paul Viser said. “Direct support of students is at the core of what we do. This is why we exist.”

According to Viser, through the Foundation’s golf tournament, phonathon and other community events, funds are raised to help students realize their academic and career goals.

“The Foundation Board volunteers are committed to the college as a vital public institution in Sampson County, and it is through scholarships that our commitment becomes deeply personal,” Viser noted. “I love this time of year.”

According to Turlington, the Foundation plays a vital role in assisting students with scholarships to help pay for educational expenses. There are many students, she added, that are ineligible to receive federal and state financial aid, and without the scholarship funds, may not be able to attend school.

“Being able to award over $107,000 in scholarships is a testament to the generosity of our donors,” Turlington said. “This community values education and workforce training and is willing to help our students achieve in these areas.”

The annual Sampson Community College Foundation Scholar-Donor Cookout is set for Sept. 5, where the college will recognize the success of students and the generosity of donors.

“The cookout is a fun and relaxed event where we celebrate the achievement of our students and the generosity of our donors,” Turlington added. “It is an opportunity for the students to personally thank the people who help fund their education, and the donors get to see how their gifts are changing lives.”

More than $100,000 has been given out this year in scholarships to students at Sampson Community College. than $100,000 has been given out this year in scholarships to students at Sampson Community College.
SCC Foundation improves over last year’s amount

By Kristy D. Carter

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