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Organizers gear up for annual yard sale

Local residents often find themselves driving around the county every Saturday morning on a hunt for the best deals, but they won’t have look or travel far the second Saturday in August as the annual Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale will be held.

Mark your calendars, the fourth annual event will be held Aug. 11. The yard sale begins just off Hwy. 421 north of Clinton on Kitty Fork Road and extends nearly 30 miles, through the Clement community, and ends where Maxwell Road and N.C. 24 meet.

Last year’s yard sale covered nearly 25 miles in Sampson County, but organizers say this year, the yard sale will meander it’s way through nearly 10 more miles, crossing into Cumberland County. The sales begin at 7 a.m., and will end when everything has been sold.

“We had people drive from three hours away last year,” Sherry Bostic, event organizer, shared. “I hope if the people are coming, there is stuff for them to buy.”

The idea of the endless yard sale came from Bostic a couple of years ago, who at the time was looking for some extra money to cover the cost of medical expenses for her husband. Bostic, who rescues animals, needed the extra cash and thought the yard sale would be a good way to get started.

“People always need a little extra in funds,” Bostic shared. “Whether it’s a family, church or organization, every little bit can help.”

Along the 30-mile stretch, Bostic said hundreds of vendors will have spaces set up. Not only are families setting up in their yards, but some rent out spots for others to set up a tent. One particular home on Maxwell Road, Bostic said, will have more than 50 vendors set up around their circular driveway.

Many of the churches along the route will have booths set up in their parking lots. A lot of organizations found throughout Sampson and surrounding counties also take advantage of this opportunity and set up a booth or items to sell.

“A lot of people have benefited from this,” Bostic remarked. “It’s impossible to know just how many people have actually been helped through the sales made.”

In all, hundreds of vendors will fill the spaces along Maxwell Road. Bostic said there was no way for her to count just how many vendors will be available that Saturday. This year, she added, more people are contacting her about available rental space.

If you are interested in renting a space along the route, Bostic said a list of those who are renting spaces is available on the Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale Facebook page. Updates on the Facebook page are made frequently.

For more information, Bostic can be reached at 910-990-0415 or 910-567-2966.

Vendors will be set up for 30 miles along the Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale on Aug. 11, beginning at 7 a.m. will be set up for 30 miles along the Maxwell Road Endless Yard Sale on Aug. 11, beginning at 7 a.m.

By Kristy D. Carter

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