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Mural approved for Newton Grove

NEWTON GROVE — Commissioners are moving forward with plans for a mural to represent the heritage of the town.

After a presentation was made Monday by Laura Wheeler, on behalf of the Citizens Improving Newton Grove (CING), it was unanimously approved for artist Robert Hall to start painting. The cost of the project is between $3,000 and $3,500.

Hall was selected by CING to design a 12 foot by 14 foot mural on the wall of the post office building’s on Fayetteville Street. The Union High School graduate completed a mural for the Town of Garland featuring Dr. Amos Johnson and his aide, Henry Lee “Buddy” Treadwell. Together, they received credit for creating the physician assistant concept. The area artist also specializes in paintings, woodcarving, sculptures, and children’s books.

Along with “Welcome To Newton Grove Founded,” and “Founded 1879,” it includes a tree with roots, with different colored leaves to represent different cultures, families and businesses in the town.

“What we try to do with that is show that we have deep roots and we have all kind of culture here with the different colors in the leaves and because we were started as a grove and trees, we wanted that to be a part of it.”

The tree is enclosed by a circle that says “New Town On The Grove” and “Deeply Rooted” below the tree.

“We want people to feel welcome and do appreciate our town and why the trees are in the circle,” Wheeler said about the town’s busy roundabout.

Wheeler said the committee came up with the idea while discussing banners to place around town in the future.

A completion date has not been set, but Wheeler said Hall was allowed to start after the approval.

Circle project ongoing

The completion of a monument project to honor men and women serving in the military is ongoing.

One of the final steps of the landscaping project inside the roundabout is the placement of flag poles and other minor details involving the North Carolina Department of Transportation and contractors. Before the meeting, officials said they wanted to have the flags up before the July Fourth holiday.

“There’s some fine-tuning that has to be finished,” Wheeler said.

Flags will represent the United States, North Carolina and soldiers who died through the Honor and Remember flag, which was a created a national symbol for soldiers who died in combat.Four stone structures are currently at the north, east, south and west portions of the circles. There will flags placed at two structures Wheeler said the flags will be placed is positions for troops traveling from Fort Bragg in Fayetteville and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

After it’s finished, a community-wide ceremony will be held for the public. A date has not been set.

“We’ll have a special ceremony to raise the flags and to honor them,” Wheeler said.

Laura Wheeler makes a presentation to the Newton Grove Board of Commissioners. Wheeler makes a presentation to the Newton Grove Board of Commissioners.
Newton Grove officials approved this design for a mural. Grove officials approved this design for a mural.

By Chase Jordan

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