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Newton Grove monitoring truck traffic

NEWTON GROVE — Town commissioners are continuing to keep their attention on issues involving transportation trucks passing through the town and other nuisances.

The matter was brought up by residents and commissioners during previous meetings. Complaints were made about trucks using Weeksdale Street with concern for pedestrian safety and accidents. Some believe that their GPS devices are telling them to go in that direction. Commissioner Cody Smith said signs were placed prohibiting truck drivers from using the street when they enter town.

“In the last month of so, we got the signs up for no trucks,” Smith said. “Today when I went home, a flatbed trailer was coming down this street. A couple of weeks (another truck) turned at Hog Slat and he was running probably 30 or 40 mph down that street.”

Smith informed him about his speeding. When discussing enforcement, Smith added that motorists are taking advantage of fire lanes at several shopping and restaurants areas in town.

“We need to do something about about,” Smith.

Another concern involved noise ordinances because of Jake brakes, with a consensus that the devices should not be used in small towns. The brakes are used by drivers as a breaking mechanism. When activated, the exhaust valves on top of the compression stroke are opened and make loud noises.

Commissioners discussed ways to enforce ways to enforce laws. Norbert Edwards, of the Newton Grove Police Department, said state citations may be issued. But town officials and Town Clerk Amanda Turner are researching with assistance from the North Carolina School of Government regarding fees going back towards the town or other government-related agencies, such as school boards.

Water tank upgrades

During a recent meeting, Smith also reported that a renovation project for the town’s water tank is continuing.

Work consists of sandblasting and cleaning out the water tank for painting. After completion, town officials said there’s a possibility that the town’s logo or other labels may added.

In August 2017, Southern Corrosion was selected for the job. The Roanoke-based business specializes in water tank maintenance. Newton Grove Commissioners approved to spend more than $87,500 for the project.

A completion date has not been announced.

Newton Grove officials are dealing with traffic matters in town. Grove officials are dealing with traffic matters in town.

By Chase Jordan

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