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God and abortion

Over the next few months there will be much discussion in this country about abortion in general and the right of a woman to choose whether or not she wants to have an abortion, specifically. This discussion is being highlighted by the recent nominee of President Trump of the next Supreme Court Justice to replace the retiring Justice Kennedy.

There will be a lot of spin on this abortion issue by both Democrats and Republicans, Many other judges across the country will also be asked to voice their opinion on the legality of abortion. To say the least, abortion has always been a major hot button in this country since the introduction of Roe v. Wade many decades ago.

But here is the truth of the matter. There is only one true judge. There is only one opinion that matters. There is only one voice that this nation must listen to and adhere to. That judge, that opinion, that voice is none other than ALMIGHTY GOD. We as a nation pride ourselves by telling the world, “We are one nation under God.” The world is watching us, but more importantly, God is paying attention as to how we settle this abortion issue in the years to clear.

Let’s be clear. Abortion is the killing of innocent babies, plain and simple. A woman is deemed pregnant the moment a life is created inside of her. Many politicians and even some medical experts have tried to explain this truth away by suggesting otherwise. But the truth remains that life begins at the moment of conception.

The issue of abortion should have never become an issue if this nation would have simply obeyed the words of God when He said, “Thou Shall Not Kill.”

Whether a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion should have never been an issue, if this nation, who claims to be a nation under God, would have listened to God when he said, “We are not our own.”

The real issue with abortion is what stand will the People of God take on this issue. Will they stand with God or will they stand with the Constitution of the United States. Will they stand with God or will they stand with their political leaders. Will they stand with God or will they stand with their own selfish needs and desires.

Where you stand is not about whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Where you stand is not about whether you like Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump. Where you stand on the abortion issue is all about who you are as a true believer of what God has said in His Word! After all, His word is the same today, yesterday and forever!

By Gilbert Owens

Contributing columnist

Gilbert Owens is a contributing writer for The Sampson Independent.