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Programs at SRMC earn accreditation

Sampson Regional Medical Center’s Dermatology Residency program is now one of five ACGME accredited programs in the state.

Both the hospital’s Dermatology and Family Medicine programs have received notification of accreditation to train both osteopathic and allopathic physicians. Other dermatology programs in the state are at Duke, Chapel Hill, Wake Forrest and East Carolina University.

According to a statement from hospital officials, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education gave the formal announcement in June, with the accreditation becoming effective July 1.

The ACGME is the accrediting body responsible for most graduate medical training programs for physicians in the United States. This accreditation provides assurance that a sponsoring institution, like Sampson, or program meets the quality standards of the specialty or subspecialty practice for which it prepares graduates.

Until now, Sampson’s residency programs have been AOA accredited for the training of doctors of osteopathic medicine only. In 2015, a merger began between the ACGME and AOA to form a single accreditation program. Since July 2015, AOA accredited training programs like Sampson have been eligible to apply for ACGME accreditation.

“While hospitals have until 2020 to meet the requirements for the new single accreditation standard, Sampson Regional Medical Center achieved its accreditation early to be appropriately accredited by the time of merger completion,” Amber Cava, vice president of Marketing and Community Relations, said. “In addition to DO’s, Sampson Regional Medical Center may now train MD residents in its programs.”

According to Cava, with Sampson being an osteopathic-focused program, it will hold osteopathic recognition through the ACGME.

Additionally, Sampson’s Graduate Medical Education Program continues to be an integral part of the hospital’s mission to provide quality services and improved access to care in the community.

SRMC is a training facility for medical students through a partnership with Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Training at Sampson, according to Dr. John-Mark Miller, director of medical education, offers a unique opportunity for medical students and residents to learn rural medicine in a progressive, community-based medical facility and train alongside primary care physicians and specialists within the local community.

With hospital orientation behind them, 10 new doctors started their rotations as part of the Traditional Rotating Internship or Dermatology/Family Medicine Residence programs.

According to Miller, approximately 25 percent of new residents stay in the area they intern, therefore Sampson’s program can greatly benefit the community by bringing in new physicians.

“Our hope is we bring more in that decide to stick around,” Miller said. “Locally, there is good population of retiring physicians and we need to bring more into the area.”

On July 1, four new interns began their Traditional Rotating Internship year. This is a one-year program required for first year residents who intend to apply into a specialty program like dermatology, radiology, anesthesia or surgery.

Four new residents entered the Family Medicine Residency three-year program and two residents began their Dermatology Residency three-year program.

According to Miller, in all, Sampson has 13 Family Medicine residents in training and six Dermatology residents in training. Sampson Regional also graduated its second class of dermatology residents in June.

Having the residents not only benefits the hospital by keeping the physicians’ minds fresh and abreast of new ideas, but the community by providing a larger scale of care.

“We are training the next generation of physicians,” Cava shared. “Having the residents puts another set of eyes on patient. It’s that next level of care.”

Dr. John-Mark Miller, director of medical education for Sampson Regional Medical Center, and third-year family medicine resident Dr. Kendall Hennard discuss patient charts. John-Mark Miller, director of medical education for Sampson Regional Medical Center, and third-year family medicine resident Dr. Kendall Hennard discuss patient charts.
Among select few, adds to hospital’s list of accreditations

By Kristy D. Carter

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