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Learning is in their DNA

This week marks the final week of Project IMPACT at Sampson Community College. The summer-long program, sponsored by Telamon, has given students a chance to explore many career paths and disciplines offered by the college. This week’s focus is on Criminal Justice and Basic Law Enforcement Training.

“Today we are looking at crime scene investigations,” said Anthony Davis, Assistant Police Chief at the Clinton Police Department. “We are discussing DNA evidence, fingerprints and other forensic applications used in processing a crime scene. The students will be given a crime scene scenario and use different techniques to figure out what happened.”

Students have enjoyed several areas of learning this summer. Among others, students visited and received hands on training from the college’s Welding, Information Technology, EMS, Applied Animal Science and Building and Construction programs. The hope is that the students will experience something that will spark an idea in a certain career and follow that up with an interest that develops over time.

“A lot of kids think that police just throw people in jail and that’s it,” says Lt. Robbie King, also of the Clinton Police Department. “There is much more to police work than you see on television — and much of that isn’t even true. The first thing we want these students to do is stay in school, learn what they can. Do they want to make a difference in their community? Do they want to help people? Do they want to make change? If they do, then this profession can certainly offer them that opportunity.”

For more information about the college’s Criminal Justice or Basic Law Enforcement Training programs, contact Jennifer Wiley at or 910-990-4054.

Assistant Police Chief Anthony Davis helps students lift fingerprints from different objects. Police Chief Anthony Davis helps students lift fingerprints from different objects.

By Dan Grubb

Sampson Community College