Donors help students achieve dreams at SCC

By Dan Grubb - Sampson Community College
The entire guest party of the 2018 Scholar Donor event pose for a photo. -

The Sampson Community College Foundation continues to prove that even if you don’t believe you have enough money to go to college, that may not be the case. The Foundation held its annual Scholar Donor event, where those who will receive funding for college get to meet the people who made it possible.

“This event is always a lot of fun,” says Lisa Turlington, Executive Director of the Foundation. “Each year we get to celebrate the successes of our students and the generosity of the donors. Students are able to put a face with a name and really reach out and thank the donors who are helping to pave the way for their future and make their dreams come true.”

The event kicked off with opening remarks from new President of the Foundation, Amelia Surratt. Turlington then thanked volunteers including Blair Hairr, Amelia Jackson, Kim Davis, Leslie Bautista, Dan Grubb, Brandon Wiggins, Angie Warner, Wanda Capps, Amanda Raynor and Surratt. Several members of the SCC Board of Trustees were also recognized at the event.

More than $100,000 was awarded to students this year to help students achieve the dream of education. The event, which began in 2010, continues to have a strong showing each year and has become a mainstay on the calendar at SCC.

“This event reinforces the purpose of the college,” says Dr. Bill Starling, President of SCC. “It affords students an opportunity to interact directly with donors and for donors to see the way their scholarships are affecting individual lives and making for a better community. These scholarships give so many young adults a way up in the world. And this event, with everyone in one place, is always a good time.”

The list of scholars and donors is extensive, which is a great sign for our community. They are ABWA, Kaia Johnson; Alice Smith Harris Nursing, Jessica Tart; Anabel Sloan Memorial, Emily Zelaya; Billie Carroll Litton Clark, Flor Reyes; Boykin Family Heritage, Michael Buchanan; C.B. Taylor Family, Stephanie Corona; Captain David Neil Faircloth Memorial, Lorena Cardenas Cuellas; Carlton and Lynelle Martin, Chelise Kennedy; Cashwell Family, Emilia Vazquez; Clinton Academic, Lauren Strickland; Clinton Rotary, Martha Alvarez, Sebastian Floryan, Logan Bell, Chasity Heath, Thania Melendez, Jennifer Munoz, Abigail Warner; Clinton-Sampson Rotary, Craig Goodman; Coleman Carter Memorial, Octavio Reza Mendoza; Cyrus Faircloth Memorial, Lydia Halstead; Donald and Annell Starling, Chandra Harris; Donnie Martin and Dorothy Turlington Royal Foundation Nursing, Jacqueline Blue, Amber Brown, Alexxis Hawley, Sarah Herring, Cameron Hunter, Sandra Nettrour, Kourtney Turlington, Hailey West and Madison Jones; Dr. Mac and Ann Herring, Madison Davis; Elizabeth Bass Horne Memorial Endowment, Stephanie Corona; Four County Electric, Clarista Reynoso and Gloria Tomas Montano; GO Automotive, Phoebe Miller; Gray Felton Butler Memorial, Kathryn Goretzka; James and Norma Jones Nursing; Cari Dickinson, Craig Goodman, Malorie Grubbs, Erica West, Kara Corman Kaylee Dawkins, Anna Gallegos. Kathryn Goretzka, Karely Habrego, Yazmin Hanid-Padilla, Kaley Millen, Danielle Powers, Giovanna Rojas; James L. Austin Memorial, Haley Holland; John & Lois Denny, Delonte Pope; John A. McDaniel Endowment, Daisy Siquina; John and Amelia Surratt, Anel Hernandez-Gardea, John T. Denning Memorial, Erynn Sessoms; Kiwanis Club of Clinton, Pamela Rios Galvan; L. M. Horne Memorial, Brittany Andrew; Lakewood Academic, Cecilya Davis; Leo And Margaret Benson Memorial, Johanna Flores and Jordan Tew; Lucinda P. Gurley Nursing, Jennifer Burrows and Katie Rose; Lundy-Fetterman Family, Brianna Malone; Mark Lawson AD Nursing, Michael Goodman; Mary Lou Wallace Memorial, Laken Stewart; Mary T. Moore Memorial, Madison Montgomery; Michael Gore Memorial, Jackson Avery; Midway Academic, Hannah Lucas; Mossette Butler, Marcial Cruz; North Carolina Trooper, Shanton Byess, Madison Davis, Katherine Goode, Harley Horne, Mya McGivalry; Peterson-Rose, Telvin Vann; Phyllis Bedsole Scholarship, Audrey Sessoms; Randy Ward Memorial, Ayden Canady; Robert E. Williams Memorial, Doris Robinson; Rufus and Pauline Williamson Memorial, Brittany Andrew; Ruth Leder – Womans Club of Clinton, Esther Miranda-Aguilar; Ryan Faircloth Endowment, Alyssa Horne; Sampson County Association For Home Builders, Jackson Avery; Sampson County Farm Bureau, Leslie Grimaldo, Olivia Shaffer, Caitlyn Stegal; SCC Ambassador, Carla Dixon, Chadwick Honeycutt, Kayla James, Phoebe Miller, Haley Wilson; SGA officer, Chadwick Honeycutt; SGA President, Phoebe Miller; Smithfield Hog Production Division, Victor Aguirre, Jorge Ramirez, William Riley; South River Electric, Emily Raynor; Star Communications, Jackson Avery, Daniel Benitez, Irvin Castillo, Gabriella Mandujano, Genevieve Merlos-Pulley, Savannah Royal and Leonardo Valesquez; Swanton-Newton Nursing, Jacqueline Blue; Tammy Irene Pickett Memorial, Harley Hamrick; Temporary Connections of Clinton, Thania Melendez; Underwood Family, Sandra Smith; Union Academic, Cassie Butler; VFW Post #7547, Adriana Montes: Viser Family, Jordan Parnell; W. M. “Bill” Johnson Memorial, Melissa Bass; W. S. Matthews Memorial, Kathryn Goretzka, Shannon Gardner; Walter and Betsy Watson Cosmetology Scholarship, Flor Reyes; Wayland M. and Ruth Rivenbark Denton, Jessica Fisher.

Dr. Paul Viser, Past President of the Foundation, says there is no excuse to let lack of funds hold you back.

“You just need to come in and talk to us,” he says. “We have said repeatedly ‘If you have a need that is not being met or cannot be met through other avenues, come in’—we will find that way for you.” Dr. Starling agrees. “If you need to go to school, come in, sit down and talk,” he says. “Whether it be through the Pell Grant or other federal support or through the generosity of these donors, we can help you. Please let us do that.”

For information about establishing a scholarship, contact Lisa Turlington at [email protected] To apply for scholarships, go to website. The deadline is April of 2019.

The entire guest party of the 2018 Scholar Donor event pose for a photo. entire guest party of the 2018 Scholar Donor event pose for a photo.

By Dan Grubb

Sampson Community College