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Town law updated to address noisy trucks

NEWTON GROVE — After several months of talking about concerns about loud truck noises and other nuisances, town commissioners amended an ordinance to tackle the issue.

The decision was made during a Monday meeting to include a civil penalty and fine of $25 and $100 for the second offense. Originally, the penalty for the noise ordinance was a misdemeanor which required violators to go through the local court system, but now payments will be made at town hall.

Commissioners and residents showed concerns regarding the use of Jake brakes, which are used by drivers as a breaking mechanism. When activated, exhaust valves on top of the compression stroke are opened and make loud noises. There was a consensus that the devises should not be use in small towns.

A section regarding unmuffled engine compression braking says it’s unlawful to use the devices in the town’s limit. An exception will be made when engine or exhaust breaks are required for emergency situations.

Another part of the ordinance includes other noises such as removing mufflers or any other sound reduction devices on vehicles. It also says that the exhaust system of a motor vehicle can not be changed by a muffler cutout, bypass, or something similar.

Some of the other nuisances include horns, sirens not used by emergency officials and loud continuous noises from animals. Newton Grove’s noise ordinance also states that it “Authorizes municipalities to regulate, restrict, or prohibit the production or emission of noises or amplified speech, music, or other sounds that tend to annoy, disturb, or frighten citizens.”

Changes will take effect Monday, Oct. 15. The date was suggested by Town Attorney Lew Starling so the police department could prepare to enforce the law and make citation forms.

Circle celebration slated

Town officials and Citizens Improving Newton Grove committee are preparing to honor veterans serving in the military with a monument in the circle.

Mayor Gerald Darden announced that a ceremony for the project is scheduled for Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11. With four stone structures, the monument inside the roundabout will represent the United States, North Carolina and soldiers who died. Flags will be placed at two structures for troops traveling from Fort Bragg in Fayetteville and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

Along with United States and North Carolina flags, the “Honor and Remember” flag will be placed. It was created as a national symbol for soldiers who died in combat.

Additional details regarding the celebration in November will be announced at a further date.

The town of Newton Grove is preparing to celebrate a monument for veterans. town of Newton Grove is preparing to celebrate a monument for veterans.
Newton Grove commissioners discuss town matters during a meeting. Grove commissioners discuss town matters during a meeting.

By Chase Jordan

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