SCC veteran serves county, country

By Dan Grubb - Sampson Community College
Sampson Community College’s Edith Rogers shows no signs of slowing down. -

Edith Rogers doesn’t shy away from service. As a United States Air Force veteran, she served her country and her fellow soldiers. This week, she marks her 35th year of service to our community as Division Secretary of Sampson Community College’s Business and Occupational Technologies Programs.

Born in Dunn, Rogers, who now resides in Newton Grove, was an Honor Graduate at Hobbton High School class of 1975 before joining the military. After that, she became an Honor Graduate at SCC and even won the Outstanding Student Award in 1983 before finishing her Associate of Applied Science degree in General Office Technology here.

“I thank God for blessing me to be here and I am honored to work at our community’s college,” she says. “Sometimes community colleges do not get the credit they deserve; some think they are just somewhere to go to pass the time away and that the course work is easy, and it is a breeze to get through. I want everyone to know, it really is college, in every sense of the word and I wouldn’t trade a thing for my experiences here.”

Rogers, who has been here for well over half of the college’s existence, remembers how things used to be and they are vastly different than they are today. She remembers double-wide trailers housed the nursing departments and the only buildings on campus were the North and East Buildings, mobile units, and shop areas. The college was on a quarter system, not a semester system and there was no such thing as the internet or online classes.

One thing that has never changed in her 35 years, she says, is the feeling of closeness.

“When I was a student, I loved the atmosphere,” she says. “It was not intimidating at all because of the friendliness of the faculty and staff. I was impressed with how you could visit someone’s office today and weeks later they would remember your name. It was like we were one big happy family and I never felt like I was just another number. In many ways, it still feels that way. Everyone cares about you and goes out their way to help you. I try to emulate that quality with everything I do here.”

Sampson Community College’s Edith Rogers shows no signs of slowing down. Community College’s Edith Rogers shows no signs of slowing down.

By Dan Grubb

Sampson Community College